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Prerequisites: SWT lecture Masterarbeit, die sowohl konzeptionelle als auch praktische Fragestellungen entsprechend eines Studienprojektes umfassen, kann eine Integration von Studienprojekt und Abschlussarbeit sinnvoll sein. Data collection: to be scheduled depending on your interest between August 2020 and Spring 2021 Location: Antwerp Contact: Ilka Beil There are various thesis possibilities about spring and autumn dynamics of temperate deciduous trees. target models from source models. source code. Towards a modeling method for IT security in the smart grid domain Type: Bachelor Thesis Business Information Systems; Status: offered Tutor: Dr. Sybren De Kinderen; Abstract. - Create OCL expressions Filter: ... Bei Interesse melden Sie sich unter: sekretariat.umo (at) uni-due.de Kurzfassung Details. Bei umfangreicheren Fragestellungen einer Bachelor- bzw. CAMPUS ESSEN Universitätsstraße 2 45141 Essen . Abschlussarbeiten. Büring, Thorsten Zoomable User Interfaces on Small Screens - Presentation (2007) Due to continuous and rapid advances in mobile hardware and wireless technology, devices such as smartphones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) are becoming a truly mobile alternative to bulky and heavy notebooks, allowing the users to access, search and explore remote data while on the road. In case the Event-B models must be adapted due to the verification results, a backward transformation to SysML should also be possible. A change of the UF`s performance is noticed since these special microorganisms are involved The test-rig enables on the one hand the accumulation of whatever is clogging the membrane and afterwards the examination of this layer. : +49 201 183 - 3536 Frage - Betreuung von Abschlussarbeiten Hallo, Hat vielleicht jemand hier Erfahrung mit Herrn Rütten aus den Bildungswissenschaften (Lehramt) gemacht? Goals & Procedure: With these purposes, two parts of work have been made: in the first part a group of experiments, in which the capacity of granular sludge from a anaerobic ammonia oxidation reactor for heterotrophic denitrification is observe and estimated; in the second part, the features and structure of biofilm is studied and finally two different types of mathematical models are developed to describe the cooperative work of anaerobic ammonia oxidation bacteria and heterotrophic denitrifying bacteria. - evaluation. To improve the clarity of the situation, a comprehensive support system can be used for the forces on-site, which supports them in information gathering and distribution to all involved parties. Voraussetzungen. Email:[email protected] Universität Duisburg-Essen Lehrstuhl Verteilte Systeme Fakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften Bismarckstr. to extract the software architecture from its Anaerobic ammonium oxidation (ANAMMOX) process is a good alternative. model transformation languages are used to produce It requires less oxygen and no addition of organic matter, produce a low amount of surplus sludge, and consume the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2). 3000 € can be regarded as a worthwhile investment. Wir bieten Abschlussarbeiten zu diversen Themen im Bereich IT-Sicherheit und Kryptographie an. Further, due to the current pandemic, laboratory tests and sharing hardware, e.g., headphones, among test participants, are hardly possible and impose high hygiene standards. - methodological support, patterns or templates, systematic decision procedures, design-driven-by-standard, etc. Raum: R11 T07 D26 Telefon: +49 201 18-33894 Fax: +49 201 18-34974 E-Mail: heiko.jacobs (at) uni-due.de Sprechstunde: nach Vereinbarung - Validate on case studies, Prerequisites: SWT lecture, OCL : +49 201 183 - 3536 You could examine (i) spring leaf phenology (late March-May 2020) of young trees in different environmental manipulations (e.g. Examples for such be selected and applied as follows: Goals & Procedure: But up to now it is hardly possible to examine the membrane without to remove and to destroy a whole module. Ihr Thema muss einen klar erkennbaren Fokus auf Amerikanistik haben; Sie müssen zuvor mindestenseine Vorlesung und ein Pro/Seminar (vorzugsweise ein Hauptseminar) in Amerikanistik absolviert haben; Reichen Sie bei Prof. Fitz vorab ein Proposal ein, welches Ihr Thema und Ihre Ideen umreißt: ein 600-700 Wörter umfassendes Abstract mit der Forschungsfrage, der zentralen These und … Kontakt. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unten. Possible topics could be interaction methods, game design, or visualization. Lunch meets Abschlussarbeiten is the chair's colloquium on final theses.The students, who are currently writing their bachelor or master thesis, present their progress or results and discuss them in a friendly atmosphere. - Applying the selected approach on a case study to extract its architecture. Problem: UML4PF has not automatic checks for state machines [email protected]: Desription: Prerequisites: ESS lecture Problem: Using security requirements engineering methods and security patterns and check to what extend the generated documents fulfill the documentation requirements of the ISO 27001 Goals & Procedure: - Describe the documentation requirements of the ISO 27001 standard That could be a promotion of the present anaerobic ammonium oxidation process. QVT, ATL, etc. A combination of ANAMMOX and dentirification could be the best solution in this situation. Goals & Procedure: Problem: UML4PF has not automatic checks for sequence diagrams vs. architectures Lebenslauf: Professor Karlsson ist seit April 2012 an der Universität Duisburg-Essen tätig. Goals & Procedure: - Describe the procedures for creating sequence diagrams and architectures Kontakt. Abschlussarbeiten [M.Sc./B.Sc.] Masterarbeit: A Systematic Literature Survey on Concepts of Digitalization of Business Processes. As part of a thesis students are allowed to enter the university. Campus Essen: Die Einreichung ist ab sofort per Email vorzunehmen. - Selecting one proper approach among the existing approaches in this field. It requires less oxygen and no addition of organic matter, produce a low amount of surplus sludge, and consume the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2). - Defining transformation rules (ordering of messages and inserting co-regions should be task of the user) Theses / Abschlussarbeiten. - based on protection profile, e.g., HASK - development of patterns for FSP and/or TDS - ITESYS business processes as examples (ISO 9000 compatible documentation is available) Goals & Procedure: The leachate is pre-treated biologically, using the so called ANAMMOX-process. - span method and tool landscape for ISMS, e.g., Verinice (http://www.verinice.org/) Tel. This master thesis resulted from a collaboration of KIS and IAC, and was submitted to the University of La Laguna (Spain). Abschlussarbeiten Theses. The languages should be - Add a button that creates the missing sequence diagram text for all sub problems Eigene Idee und Kombination mit Bachelor- oder Master-Projekt. Prerequisites: modeling, (programming) - re-use of existing methods such as turtle approach etc. Filter: ... Bei Interesse melden Sie sich unter: sekretariat.umo (at) uni-due.de Kurzfassung Details. - approach: based on fixed SFRs, span design space (which will be relatively narrow) Titel: Shifts in coral reef encrusting communities due to upwelling-controlled nutrient-enrichment Verfasser: Kar Lange (Universität Bremen) Betreuer: Hildegard Westphal (ZMT, Universität Bremen) 3. - Describe how the results fulfill the documentation requirements of the ISO 27001 standard. Axel Mertens Modeling and Analysis of Electromagnetic Field Couplings in EMI Filter Inductors - Describe the documentation requirements of the ISO 27001 standard Themenangebote. EMF-based Model2Model (M2M) transformations are In the field of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) For more information on these topics, additional topics, or if you want to present your own ideas, please visit us in person. The present mostly used concept for nitrogen removal is the combination of the two well-known processes: nitrification and denitrification. Problem: life cycles in ADIT are currently not tool-supported stakeholder templates, etc. Laufende Abschlussarbeiten. additionally, variable SFRs can become fixed ones (=> influence on design space) Bei Rückfragen zu den Voraussetzungen wenden Sie sich bitte an das zuständige Prüfungsamt. Software architecture recovery provides methods Virtual reality (VR) games are getting increasingly popular due to the release of several consumer grade VR headmounted-displays (HMDs). costs due to CO2 emissions by two orders of magnitude. The design of the test-rig is adapted to the configurations of the sidestream tubular ultrafiltration system. language should be highlighted and compared with Abschlussarbeiten Betreuer: M. Sc. But this process produce nitrate in the reaction, which leads to a nitrogen reload of the wastewater and restrict the nitrogen removal rate to maximal 90 %. - Extend the existing UML4PF plugin CAMPUS ESSEN Universitätsstraße 2 45141 Essen . The emphasis is on an easy handling concerning e.g. - development of criteria for comparison for the existing aspect-oriented approach should Problem: Creating pattern to support the implementation of the ISO 27005 and create an eclipse EMF and GMF based tool to support instantiation of these patterns Ba in times of physical distance – A case study on the role of diagammatic process models along the SECI phases of knowledge creation in a project of international development cooperation in the field of TVET during the outbreak of Covid-19 Betreute Abschlussarbeiten. Monday, 8:30 - 10:00 The module will be delivered online/digitally Nobuya Fukugawa, Ph.D., Associate Professor Mihaela Suhalitca, M.A. - Create a graphical editor for the ISO 27005 patterns that allows consultants to instantiate these patterns for a given software system. - Describe the procedures for creating sequence diagrams and state machines Advantages and drawbacks of each The task is - Defining source and target models A possible alternative to supervised laboratory studies are crowdsourced experiments. KAOS or SEPP or security patterns for a small software system, e.g., a secure file storage However, laboratory tests are often time-consuming and costly. Original Title: Towards a modeling method for IT security in the smart grid domain . As result one suitable language - Use existing security requirements engineering methods e.g. - Learn how to create a model and a graphical editor with the eclipse EMF and GMF technologies The main purposes of this thesis were to prove the possibility of the cooperative work of anaerobic ammonia oxidation bacteria and heterotrophic denitrifying bacteria and to predict the effect of the cooperative work with mathematical model. - Evaluate different notations Laufende Abschlussarbeiten; Laufende Abschlussarbeiten. [, A case study for using security requirements engineering methods and security patterns to support the development of document of an ISO 27001 compliant Information Security Management [, Development of Toolsupport for patterns that support the implementation of the ISO 27005 standard [, Systematic development of a plugin to support Sequence Diagram generation (as part of UML4PF) [, Development of an approach for checking consistancy between sequence diagrams and state machines [, Development of an approach for checking consistancy between sequence diagrams and architectures [, Alternatives for expressing life cycles in ADIT [, Analysis and Documentation of Business Processes for Information Security Management Systems [, Evaluation of Methods and Tools for Information Security Management Systems [, Generating Patterns for Common Criteria Developer Documentation [. Themenangebote. Goals & Procedure: One of the most important functions of waste water treatment plant is the nitrogen removal. Bevor er die Leitung des Lehrstuhls für Gesundheitsökonomik übernahm, war er an der Technischen Universität Darmstadt (2009-2012), an der Universität Oslo (2009-2016), an der Universität Oxford (2006-2009) und an der Cass Business School in London (2005-2006) tätig. However, it needs a lot of Oxygen to convert ammonium to nitrate in the nitrification process, and meanwhile a lot of external organic carbon needs to be added in the denitrification process. The detection of what is lowering the performance of the system can lead to an optimization of the full scale plant. Prerequisites: ESS lecture Verfasser: Ciprian Blindu (Jacobs University Bremen) Betreuer: Agostino Merico ( ZMT, Jacobs University Bremen) 2. Correlation and Cooperative Effect between Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation and Denitrification, Formation of ANAMMOX – Biofilms on Membranes– Design and Construction of a Test-Rig.

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