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Reservations are still highly recommended to avoid disappointment if you can't find a seat! Barcelona. It was so amazing and I think we are at every fully vegan, and most veg, places while we were there. I’ve been looking in the Happy Cow app to find places to eat but didn’t see all of these in there – will definitely add once I’ve been to more! Lonely For You Only 6. We suggest taking advantage of the lunchtime fixed-price menu, and fueling up with plenty of veggies to kick off your afternoon with lots of energy! Spain actually has quite a few vegan hotels, and one of the best ones, Casa Albets, is just a few hours from Barcelona. Address: Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 12, 08003 Barcelona Phone: +34 932 10 70 56 (vegan) you can add to your list of supermarket foods ROMESCO sauce, traditionally made of almonds and red peppers. The 5-star hotel combines old-school elegance, with its location housed in a refurbished Twenties era building, and modern amenities: each room has a rain-effect shower, air conditioning and a well-stocked free minibar. Website. Apart from La Boqueria, the famous market off Las Ramblas, most of the markets in Barcelona are not frequented by tourists. Vegan croissants seem horribly underrepresented in London right now and it makes me miss Barcelona all the more! I absolutely love the city (I lived there for a few months when I was with my ex, who is from there) and would love to move there permanently, but even my Spanish friends are struggling to find work in Spain at the moment, and I have no idea what kind of work an English-speaker could find there (apart from teaching English, which I hate!). This post may contain affiliate links (see full disclaimer here). Oh yes romesco sauce, how could I forget! Everything is vegan, everything is sugar-free, everything is organic, and there are plenty of raw-vegan options. I haven't been yet. When you have dietary restrictions, it’s important to be able to communicate your needs when ordering food. Museum. Even corner stores in Barcelona are starting to stock health-conscious options! Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Barcelona Filter and search through restaurants with gift card offerings. I visited Barcelona as a vegetarian and am thrilled to share that the city is indeed veg friendly. Read on to find out the best vegan restaurants in Barcelona, where to stay and vegan shops you shouldn’t miss. It is pricier than some other bulk stores, so I tend to go here for special vegan items they stock, like vegan Nutella in bulk (made with local hazelnuts), vegan bulk cookies and their tahini, which is the best. There seem to be many many more places even since this post was written. Nothing feels more Barcelona than eating al fresco in a sunny plaza. In late 2019, they converted to fully vegan and they have what is currently my favourite vegan pizza in Barcelona! Yo soy vegano/a / vegetariano/a. Demasie is a bakery in Born with vegan cinnamon rolls, Candela Canela is a cinnamon roll place in Gracia with a vegan option. Creative vegan sushi: Roots & Rolls The shop is beautifully arranged and the containers of food look like a work of art! Phone: +34 930 27 67 46 And be sure to add some of the trio of salsas (ask which ones are spicy). Be aware that it's a little on the 'gastronomic'/high end side, by which I mean well-presented dishes but with small portion sizes. Vegan tapas: how to eat vegan anywhere in Barcelona If you're travelling with non-vegans to Barcelona, don't fear! Barcelona is definitely one of my favourite European cities and it looks like it’s become even more vegan friendly since the last time I visited. Phone: +34 668 88 53 75 It has a wide range of followers that regularly come for the vegetarian-friendly food, as well as the music, relaxed atmosphere and friendly chats with the Argentinian owner and chef Alfredo, who also happily accommodates vegan customers. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Vegan dishes? Awesome! Check out Gra de Gracia, a bulk store with an excellent vegan labelling system. They have local beans, rare and unusual artisan beans and multiple varieties of the usual beans like chickpeas. You can find a vegan meal in any tapas bar since some tapas are naturally vegan! Download your free sample of the Barcelona Vegan Guide! Located right in the city centre in the Gothic Quarter, Teresa Carles is a good option if you're staying in El Gotico. I've included everything you might expect in a guidebook, from transport to where to stay to shopping, all with an eco, vegan or healthy twist! This non-vegetarian restaurant has excellent vegan options. This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to Barcelona, and wow what great vegan choices! Since it's small, they specialise mainly in vegan products you can't get in a typical supermarket -- like specialty vegan meats and cheeses, whipped cream and Oatly barista. Is there generally a vegan option in most restaurants in Barcelona? Avinguda del Portal de l'Àngel, 6 +34 933 28 27 32 . Now, this book won't give you vegan information and inspiration, but to learn about the city's history, architecture and main attractions I recommend the Rick Steves Barcelona guide. Yes, it’s really cool how much it’s shaping up to be a new vegan hotspot! This means if you make a purchase after clicking, I may get a small percentage of the sale, at absolutely no extra cost to you. my god! Website, Veg World India (who call themselves 90% vegan -- what that means is almost everything on the menu is vegan except for a few marked items) is not only great value for money but they're one of the few places in the world I know of where you can get stuffed vegan cheese naan! Christina I wrote before about the magic of the freshly prepared Green Spot vegan curry. Yes, 100% vegan menu. Mayo? Travessera de Gràcia, 203, 08012 Barcelona, Spain Nothing's worse than arriving in a new country and realising your phone is running out of charge and you don't have a plug adapter, so can't charge it! Crispy, salty but not overly so, with a perfectly balanced sweet and sour sauce on top. Vegan Barcelona: The Ultimate Guide to All You Need To Know, Vegan Athens: The Ultimate Vegan Guide to Athens, Greece, Vegan Amsterdam: The Ultimate Vegan Guide to Amsterdam, The Best Luxury Vegan All Inclusive Resorts, Vegan Retreats: A Guide to the Best Vegan-Friendly Retreats, Vegan Travel: 4 Steps to Plan Your Best Ever Trip, Most Vegan Friendly Cities in the World in 2021, The Best Vegan Luggage: From the Vegan Weekender Bag to Vegan Backpacks, The Best Vegan Meal Kits You Need in Your Life Now, Best Blenders For Vegans: A Guide to the Ultimate Vegan Blender, Best Food Processor for Nut Butter: How to Pick the Ultimate One, Best Vegan Shampoo: Top Brands You Need in Your Life, Best Vegan Deodorant: 17 Brands You Need to Stop the Stink, The Best Vegan Sunscreen: A Cruelty-Free Buying Guide. Phone: +34 652 44 64 14 What to get: The beetroot burger if it's the special. ;), Yay, a Gracia vegan buddy! Hope you have a great time…it’s such a great city to visit! Here's a romesco sauce recipe if you want to make your own! Horses 7. Barcelona. Booking your flight Barcelona. 73 meters LOOM. Their layered vegan lasagne with cashew cheese and sundried tomatoes. Here are some Spanish phrases you need to know before your trip: *Why Spanish? BioXoco’s 3 course vegan set lunch menu follows macrobiotic principles, combining vegetables, pulses and vegetable proteins such as tofu or seitan. Also, the chef is obsessed with carving carrot animals and he makes the cutest little carrot creations! To me, a lot of commercial vegan cheeses (the ones that are famous for melting) may have started to successfully replicate the gooeyness of cheese, but don't taste like anything. They also stock some vegan cheeses. If you're on a budget, Veggie Garden is a very affordable, laidback vegan restaurant with multiple locations. You have to try the potato and sweet potato flautas -- an explosion of flavours and textures. Do not leave bags unattended on the beach! vegan / breakfast, lunch / moderate. At least 7 (including different brands and all sorts of flavours!). Never leave your bag at your feet or hanging from the back of your chair without securing it to the chair or yourself! Adresse: Cafe & Bar Celona Nürnberg An der Fleischbrücke 1 – 3 90403 Nürnberg Tel: 0911-2029654 Fax: 0911-2029715 [email protected] 82 meters Cera una Volta. El Safareig is a long-standing bulk store in Gracia that sells all kinds of household cleaning products in refills/bulk, like soaps, detergents and even essential oil refills! Your perfect escort for 2 days! acai bowl, cold pressed juices & smoothies. … 2. 11. Some people have complained portion sizes are small.      3d. Cal Veganic's a vegan shop in the Poblenou area that sells vegan food and refills of vegan household products like washing up liquid. While it's a fairly large restaurant, it's popular so it's a good idea to book a table. They also have a room in the back where they sometimes have talks so keep an eye out for upcoming events! Phone: +34 932 10 28 46 but an overview and as much info as I could squeeze into a blog post. | VEGANS & BIO BARCELONA | •Botiga d'alimentació vegana i ecològica al cor de Barcelona •Vegan Store in Bcn — ☎️932075785-Dill-Div 9-21h-Dissabtes 10-21h — Venta Online Eco Boutique Grau is one of the best choices in terms of location, price and eco-friendliness. Address: Carrer Torrent de l'Olla 138 I was advised by an elderly lady in my old building to always shop in the market because the fruits and vegetables are higher quality but also cheaper.      3b. They sell all sorts of rices, flours, teas, sugar, nuts, seeds, spices, pastas (of all varieties - kamut, quinoa, lentil etc), and more.      3k. Vegan shopping (groceries, shoes, makeup and more) While we ate, it filled up with customers. Local’s Tip: Want to take a look inside one of our favorite markets in Barcelona? You may sometimes see flights listed at Girona (GRO), which is a city around 100 km / 60 miles from Barcelona. Sometimes they also sell cooked pasta, rice and quinoa. And there are many places to get it, but Bratwursthäusle is known as one of the oldest places to get these little sausages! Vegan shopping (groceries, shoes, makeup and more). It's the best vegan Barcelona tapas menu, so don't miss it. I used to list restaurant opening hours but took these out because they change so frequently in Barcelona. Vegan phrases you need to know Sangria is also not that popular in Spain, with most locals drinking tinto de verano (red wine mixed with gaseosa, a sort of lemonade-Sprite hybrid) instead. Click here to find out more about the Barcelona Vegan Guide. Don't miss the lunchtime special (menú del día). Carrer del Cardenal Casañas, 7, 08002 Barcelona (Gothic Quarter) • Ph. +34 934 439082. What to get: Yuxiang aubergine (berenjena salteada), Vegesana (€€) What to get: White Russian or piña colada, double chocolate chip cookie if you're hungry, Vyb bar My favourite lunch in Barcelona is takeout from all-vegan deli Vegetart, eaten in the nearby Placa del Sol. Food flavour and texture was outstanding. It's also dog-friendly! Barcelona is the capital of Catalunya, and as such locals speak Catalan. c/ Escudellers 54 – pl/ Emili Vendrell 1 – pl/ Fossar de les Moreres . If you’re looking for a place to stay in the city, on the other hand, I’ve got a few eco- and vegan-friendly options for you. Just grab some paper bags and fill with as much of you want and when you get to the till they'll weigh and label them.      3h. Experience the City: Our Top 5 Unique Bars in Barcelona, 5 Essential Items for Every Spanish Kitchen, Everything You Need to Know About Calçots, Warm Up This Winter With This Traditional Spanish Hot Chocolate Recipe, The Most Popular Tapas in Barcelona That Are Worth All the Hype and More, 9 Michelin Star Restaurants in Barcelona for the Meal of a Lifetime. They also sell vegan dog food. I love fried tofu so I was super excited to find it there, and cheap! One card - many opportunities. Located: Carrer del Palau, 5, 08002 Barcelona, Spain . And weirdly, a lot of tapas places around Barcelona seem to sell hummus with crackers or bread. You don't have to buy a bag that's slash-proof like this (although it won't hurt), but look for a bag that has clips that can secure compartments and zippers. Map updates are paused. ), but be aware it's not a Catalan dish. It's still open to the public but the menu is very limited (just a set lunch menu without choices) and I've heard the space is quite small. Phone: +34 933 01 34 42 Late spring, summer and autumn are good times for swimming in the sea. Vegan pizza Barcelona: Blu Bar There are a surprising number of accidentally vegan foods in supermarkets. ), Green Spot (€€€)      3k. Kind regargds, Read about the best vegan hotels worldwide here. A sister restaurant to Teresa Carles, Flax & Kale can’t be missed. This all-vegan sangria bar by the beach is the only place in town with an entirely vegan tapas menu! Best vegan cocktail bar: Vyb bar €€€ = mains €12+. Jam Hostel is an eco-friendly hostel. It's easy to get to the city centre from the airport in under half an hour by taxi, airport bus, train or metro (but note you'll need to buy a special airport metro ticket -- standard metro tickets won't cover the journey). Vacka. Tattoo & Piercing. Still looking for pizza? They are only open for lunch apart from on Fridays when they open for dinner, too. Teresa Carles is one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona, and it's popular, so it's best to book a table in advance. The menu is based around vegetables, and for each vegetable there is a vegan option and a non-vegan option. Caitlin has been vegan since 2008 and in that time, has veganised her life. Can’t wait for the next installment (: Ecocentre’s the best!! … Search Skyscanner flights and book here. I’m curious if the vegan meet up you started is still going? Phone: +34 930 01 97 93 Oh wow – I would love Barcelona without any vegan food, because it’s such a great place, but with all these gorgeous eating spots, I just want to get back there even more. Teresa Carles (€€€) Not all sunscreens are vegan (some contain animal products or are tested on animals). In fact, all their food is all just a few Euros! Check if the sauce is vegan and just make sure they leave off the alioli (which is like a garlic mayonnaise; Olivas (olives) - make sure they aren't stuffed with anchovies! Facebook There are way too many places to list and choose from if you’re looking for a vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona – After all, this city has declared its Self as a veggie friendly city. We should go check out some vegan delicacies for sure. Gazpacho - a chilled tomato soup which is perfect for a hot summer day! Fideua, made with small noodles instead of rice, is more typical of Catalan cooking. We had the seven tapas tasting menu (€25 per person including two drinks, water, and a shared dessert), which was a great way to try a range of dishes without making any decisions. We arrived at Hotel Vueling, which looked pretty cool inside with an airline theme.Unfortunately we didn't get further than reception as they didn't have our booking, but they were very kind and helpful and we were happily upgraded to the four star Catalonia Barcelona Plaza Hotel on Plaza de España square right in the centre of Barcelona. Best for budget: Vegetart deli Address: Carrer del Torrent de l'Olla, 64, 08012 Barcelona, Spain See restaurants with gift cards. Note: This post was originally published in July 2015 but I update it every 6 months or so with the latest and best vegan restaurants in Barcelona, and information for Barcelona visitors. Pa amb tomaquet/pan con tomato (tomato bread) - a typical Catalan breakfast dish (but great at any time of day!) The neighbourhood also has lots of independent designers, eco clothing shops and yoga studios. I moved recently to Barcelona (I’m currently living in Gracia as well) and I can’t wait to discover the vegan options you’ve mentioned. So, for this reason, I’ve given you the translations in Spanish, rather than Catalan, as you’re more likely to be understood by both locals and immigrants alike. I haven't been here in many years, but when I went, I remember being impressed by the inventiveness of the flavours at this vegetarian restaurant. Best for a date night: Teresa Carles & Green Spot, 3c. Reservations are highly recommended as it gets busy in this place!      1d. The menu might include mushroom bourguignon, a sushi bowl or calzone. Thanks for sharing! Consider yourself warned!). Bio-Zertifiziert, Becher aus … They don't label things as vegan but if you ask the owner he will check ingredients for you. What to get: polenta cubes (stuffed with mushroosm and coated in vegan parmesan), potatoes with romesco sauce and, if you're a fan of vegan seafood, the konjac 'squid' rings are popular, Bar Celoneta (€€) Looking for an upscale vegan meal? Where to stay: best vegan hotel Barcelona Vom Fass is a bulk store in Gracia specialising in liquids!      3k. If you're flying to Barcelona from North America, I recommend Expedia. Congrats on exploring the vegan world, I hope it’s going well! I love the croissants with a coffee (they have non-dairy milk available). *Side note: paella is actually from Valencia (which is surrounded by rice fields), so it's not typical of Barcelona, although lots of restaurants serve it for tourists. Especially useful when you're on holiday and might only use a little bit over the course of your trip. Or if you have any suggestions. If you love art, Barcelona is definitely a must-visit destination. Their only downfall is they don't come with chips/fries and they don't have them on the menu. Like Casa Bella Gracia, it's located in Gracia, one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Barcelona. Clear search . Website. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Barcelona is an amazing city...full of sun, jaw-dropping architecture, tapas, the beach, the mountains and a surprising number of vegan and vegan-friendly places (so much so, I wrote a whole vegan Barcelona guidebook -- and you can download a FREE sample here)! I'm lazy, so I've rarely cooked beans from dried in the past - but now that I've discovered these stalls, I can't go back to tins of beans (or glass jars of beans, as they are sold here), so consume carefully. Their prices go … ;) (I’m a bad influence!) Small little sausages grilled to perfection. Opening hours: 20:00. I can’t wait to dive in =-). Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona; Search. Some of it’s a bit expensive but omg the excitement of going into a supermarket and know that EVERYTHING is vegan? Newly sprouted in the Gotic is Green Spot – the newest addition to Barcelona’s vegetarian dining scene.The aim here is for fantastic food that will hit the spot for meat-eaters as well as vegetarians. But shh, don't tell anyone else! If you're booking a flight to Barcelona from within Europe, I highly recommend using Skyscanner. Xavier Pellicer's previous restaurant, Celeri, was awarded a Michelin star and I loved my meal there. Good news about Mercadona’s coca (shame it’s greasy though). One of the most famous vegan restaurants in Barcelona, Juicy Jones is mainly known for its natural juices and shakes; but if you want to try a very delicious Indian vegan meal, this is the place to go!They cook with all organic and vegan products. Address: Carrer Torrent de l'Olla 138 : Luckily, since they are made in the Italian style, most ice cream places here have vegan options (normally in the fruit section) - just ask if they have any that are dairy free (sin leche). Maximum 8 guests or upgrade to private for €99 per group. Juices and full meals! Important Note: I've linked to the restaurants' site where you can check their hours but you should always call to double check hours because SO many places in Barcelona change their schedules due to holidays, siesta...or just because they feel like it! Vegan Indian food Barcelona: Veg World India Even better, the tortilla is only €1.50 a slice! Thank you for posting this! If you're looking for a vegan spot for date night, it has to be Teresa Carles or Green Spot. I absolutely LOVE romesco. There's nothing better than sitting in the shade of a plaza, eating a fruity gelato on a hot summer day! Subscribe to Brooklyn Vegan on . And Dolce Pizza & Los Veganos…I love it!! So I wanted to help you out with some insider tips on vegan and vegetarian Barcelona (if you to learn absolutely everything I know about vegan Barcelona, you can grab a copy of my Barcelona Vegan Guide)! 8 of… They change the flavours but the best I've tried were the apple pancakes with amaretto cream. There, you'll usually find giant bowls of cooked chickpeas (giant and small), white beans, lentils and more, and you can buy as many grams of whatever variety of cooked beans you want. Visitors love the on-site vegan food. Updating Map... Neighbourhoods. They also run workshops there, including vegan cheesemaking classes! The Grand Hotel Central is widely regarded as one of the best hotels in Barcelona. One of the best vegan restaurantes' Where to stay: best vegan hotel Barcelona, 1a. I don't know why more people don't talk about Vegesana, but they should. Was bleibt bestehen? Find a restaurant . There’s not a big selection but when you’re in a hurry it’s always an easy fix! The Catalonia Barcelona Plaza Hotel No spam (it’s not vegan! I always hate buying a big jar and wasting. I went when it opened and the menu was a bit vegan meat heavy for my taste, but others loved the vegan meat tacos so if that's your thing, go here. What to get: don't miss the tortilla. From the hotel, you can easily walk to most of Barcelona's attractions and some of its best vegan restaurants. Every dorm room and individual room is air conditioned and has personal lockers and plugs for each bed, and the shared bathrooms have hair dryers and are adapted for those with reduced mobility. Do you remember at which market you found it?

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