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Even getting to this page was idiotic. The scales dropped away. I’m a 18 degree Kataka. In my case, they are rather sextiling by transit (7htH pluto and 9th H Chiron). Therapy or deep uncompromising Astro or design work is an absolute must. In some cases, you’re fine with the all of the changes you’re putting yourself through. The effects of this process may be very subtle as it works more on a psychological level, but will be valuable as you approach the age of 60. Would like to add, he has asked if we can go slow. I swear communicating with others recently has been hellish. But I might just check my Pluto right now as well haha, I almost want a Pluto transit after reading this!! Go slow can also mean that he’s dealing with some things personally (work, emotional matters, whatever) and doesn’t have max bandwidth available for romantic activity. He says he wants the magic to stay alive. Ground that once felt so steady now feels uncertain, trying to collaborate with the energy instead of fight it. People miscalendar things or over sleep. Your ambition to succeed can involve you in political schemes or power struggles. The other thing that’s possibly nudging a few things for a few folk or at least those sensitive to node nature is… Read more ». Omg we ALL know that feeling, poor little green marauders. Oh. Ouch. The flakey one played the “confusion card” to try to make it my fault. That part was way too much for me to just deal with anymore. NN will hit my 27° Sun v soon. There is a huge change in your image and in the way you express yourself. Oh yes that phenomenom. I have Chiron conjunct Saturn and Venus natally in Pisces in the sixth house. Looking on the bright side, a transit of Pluto to the Sun is like a crash (remedial) course in the true self. Power struggles with parents; you may have been too dependent on them and now you want to separate, but they still insist on treating you like a child. For example, T Pluto opposed my Saturn at 20 degrees in 2018-19 and, during that period, my dad died — the only family that I have left. I’ve been instinctively doing everything on this list. So, only a few more weeks and it's out of the 12th and onto the next lessons and life plan. A change is required. I have Pluto transiting my 3rd House of Communications. They literally back out a few times when going in there. I had a situation with 2/8 stuff being talked about. I have Pluto transit all but conjunct my ascendant (at 16.06 degrees Capricorn) and it will be crossing into my first house (which is intercepted) for the first time at the end of Jan 2016. The edit function sucks tbh. Pluto transits only last 2 years — 2014 and 2015; Pluto square Mercury is 2019-20. It’s raw and real. I may need to bookmark this page! The foundations of your belief system, job, marriage or relationship may not be on such firm ground as you think. Chiron opposite Uranus is an incredibly long transit. If Pluto makes difficult aspects to other planets while transiting your 3rd house, there may be some danger during short trips or the possibility of a traffic accident. This can be an intense time in which you clear the path ahead by facing the truth about past wounds and traumas and embracing dramatic change. Over 90 but before 3 figures appear (100) they add to 18. I found human design during my 10th house transit where Pluto opposed my moon and mars. Hello future self. Do not try to keep any possession or forms or income to which you were accustomed. Lucky. I have been making big inroads into working the 1/7 axis but I’m also contending with Outer Planet actions on 4/10 and the 2/8. 11 – Get comfortable with The Dark. 1—Psychically, Pluto transits feel like the very structure beneath you is trembling. Transiting Chiron trine Natal Pluto. Block these losers out of your beautiful life, SR. Pluto–Chiron oppositions can teach extensive wisdom because they confront people with unacceptable situations. December 11, 2019. I’ve also been told change is nigh. I feel like I just survived the major earthquake but I am still in shock counting corpses and damage around me.… Read more », Well…this just caught my attention again. This is not a judgement upon you; rather a statement about all the putrid crap that Pluto transits tend to dredge up. What makes you say that J? On another level, it could affect your joint possessions and resources. These provoke a personal confrontation with your internal and spiritual reality. I have Chiron conjunct Saturn and Venus natally in Pisces in the sixth house. Here really begins the metamorphosis that began when Pluto was transiting your 1st house, especially because what you valued and appreciated about yourself and life no longer serves you, and you can go through a stage of collapse. Whats the point of guranteeing something and when it goes… Read more ». I love that so much. Yeah I was on my tab last night which is more annoying than the keys for a Mercurial typist in download mode. You can change the irrational impulses and inappropriate childish behavior that will come to light now. It’s been a rough 3 years. If you have any planets in Capricorn you have or will be affected by way of conjunction, any in Cancer then opposition, in Taurus/Virgo then trine and in Aries/Libra then… Read more », Happy Birthday Neil Young. Other fantastic books for a Pluto transit include Maya Angelou’s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings and Mary Karr’s The Liars Club. If there’s any (subconscious) dysfunctional script running in the background of our psyche, a visit from Pluto will bring it to the surface so this can be healed. The regeneration of the essence of the subconscious is the key to acquire a penetrating perception of its deep functioning. You are an Outre Planet Person. I’ll get back to you with ruminations on this strand. Your enormous drive now can make you more ambitious. She only contacts me when she wants a favor and often to meet a musician or a person she thinks is… Read more ». Also happy that some resonates – take what’s useful and discard what isn’t. Next up, Chiron. As Pluto is in a house, you’ll have to work to transform the areas of life ruled by the house. The Chiron Pluto conjunction is uncommon, and undoubtedly with good reason, it requires a differently motivated soul to carry it well. Pluto hasn’t yet made any aspects to natal planets since it entered my 11 th House, but it will form a square to Jupiter/Saturn, a conjunction to Mars, trine to natal Chiron, a square to natal Pluto, sextiles to both Uranus and Venus, and a conjunction to natal Moon during its transit there. You’re able to pace yourself to avoid burning out and even though your body is stronger now, you should keep an eye on your energy level and general health. You should not be afraid to examine or challenge things that seem superficial, or outdated patterns of thinking, even when what you say may offend people with whom you have daily contact. This post is like a light beaming into my head. Not good. We have new tools at our disposal for dealing with past problems or complications. Yes – having being fortunate (?) I know that there are loads of different flower essences out there but this one is a time-proven: “For Freedom from limiting influences, making healthy transitions in life, the courage to follow one’s own path and destiny.”  Reishi – the famed supernatural mushroom – is stronger and has many other benefits but is also a fantastic Pluto tonic for a psyche in morph mode. This is a flowing aspect and may be subtle since it’s slow moving and can last for over a year. Keep doing more of the same – you nailed it here , You speak a foreign language most of the times as I am not used to this original way of interpreting astro events but this last post hit me in the right spot. The word ‘transit’ means a journey, to be going from one place to another. Sun trine Pluto Transit. Including a Mercury Aries. And death – since the same age I have had a lot of death around me. Silly question but how do I know when a pluto transit will affect me? Drastic changes can occur in your way of thinking or your view of your inner and outer worlds. Increasingly more 18s appear and, decreasingly, fewer 9s appear. Pleasant? Working with musicians is difficult enough now try booking them. That explains the dreams -I’ve had non stop Pluto action either by transit or aspect since I was about 14 – they are always ALWAYS in the dark ( even if they’re “good”), underground, in a dungeon/cellar and always involve threat/struggle/ some sort of problem solving or negotiation… Just once I’d like the standard sex or flying dreams! First Chiron Sextile. Libra stellium at 14-17 degrees here, hang in there, there’s lots to process and yes it is raw but keep moving forward through it. @Mystic: can I make a request and ask (actually beg) for a 9 tips for Neptune transits post? It highlighted a dis ordance between a VRx person and me. I was trying to edit it but it edited too much. You have the potential for powerful transformation now. Because one way or another, you’re locked into an evolutionary, existential Nietzschean power struggle scenario. The most important aspect of this Pluto transit through your twelfth house is its psychological part. I think you can… Read more ». Lilith at 10 Aqua. It will help a lot to get in touch with the forces that have shaped and made you who you are. Born-wise: Pluto 2nd H. Chiron 8th H. He’s referred to Pegi in a number of songs. Haha, pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be in mine ;-p. I just couldn’t resist a word / phrase association. My life has been fighting 15 rounds, in the three different types of martial arts, simultaneously. God bless you Mystic. Radical changes in style and body are possible, as overlays (superficial traits, body armor (fat) are eliminated. The houses are the areas of life this nasty square is pulverizing affecting. I immediately regressed. There is a tendency to break with old friendships and affiliations or groups that no longer make sense and establish new ones that are going to have a very profound and transforming influence on your life, be it for good or for bad. The transit of Venus trine your natal Pluto provokes intensity in relationships, as well as encounters with people who have a great impact on your life and help you to understand yourself more deeply. Item 5 – I wish I’d known that at the time. 1—Psychically, Pluto transits feel like the very structure beneath you is trembling. I even had a friend schedule a coffee hang date she… Read more ». Very very happy for you – and I reiterate that you deserve it I said that”, Actually Bob said that. Saturn will be opposite my moon and then Pluto for most of the year. And I find myself dealing with depth psychology in the new role which I was not expecting ! I understand what you mean about social media; what I dislike most about overusing ANY type of info now is, it makes one’s mind kind of fuzzy. Pluto does not tip toe around trying to get your attention for long…. Keep a journal, notably a dream diary. One of the “songs” they will … (Crying with laughter here, because i know in Martian time that could mean wait a delicious week or so.) 8—Accept the solo dimension of your Pluto transit. Or possibly good, eventually. Where is lilith right now? You should try Pluto opp ya Asc and now applying opp my Sun. I paid for entry to an event for two of us as a birthday present for my friend. Because this is the tenth house, the challenges come from authority figures, and, in this case of Pluto, the challenges are even more forceful. The word ‘transit’ means a journey, to be going from one place to another. The words lag a bit too. If transiting Pluto makes difficult aspects, conflicts may arise over joint finances, money from a company, alimony, as well as sexual problems. Hahahaha……yep. I know it’s not Pluto exactly. The upcoming conjunction is going to take place just behind my ascendant, in the 12th house. Brainstorm: Chiron/IC Astrology Aspects. If you follow a good physical regime, you can now regenerate your body, even if you have not paid attention to it in recent years. Some stories are yours alone. For more on these, see Aspects. I have a serious side I can’t shake some… Read more ». Yesterday was six months exactly, and since I have an event to promote, I logged back in to post. But a 40-year transit is exceptionally rare. Yeah, when I first read this post a gong went off and I’ve re-read about 8 times. It is located between Saturn and Uranus. This native is responding to a very unusual vibration even as a small child. Earliest I can go. Uuuggghhh. Or maybe someone else on his past demanded moving on their time or fuhget it, and he burnt out. Will it be ok that his… Read more », Taking it slow? A blog about astrological trends and astrology,Reiki healing and coaching services offered. Strangely enough, after I wrote off this other person who contacted me initially her mutual friend played a similar card. These are interpretations for Pluto transits through the natal houses. Not sure if this qualifies as a Pluto issue or a Mercury one. I am perpetually Pluto in one form or another (add a heavy 8th influence) – sooo… we phoenix on! Transits Trigger: Venus Trine Chiron. As Joseph Campbell – Pluto in Gemini trine Ascendant trine Saturn – wrote: The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. Yes, I saw that. All that Saturn probably counts for longevity. You may seek a deeper understanding of yourself and human nature. But what is it called? Truths about your underlying drives, needs and patterns of behavior are revealed at this time. Keep a journal, notably a dream diary. But a 40-year transit is exceptionally rare. It’s like the great novels. Poor guy. When transiting Pluto crosses your Ascendant, you should make a fearless effort to liberate yourself from all traditional thought patterns and become an example for others. Venus is exact to it now. Your ideals will now change, and this will be reflected in the people around you and in the groups or movements with which you identify. Yes that officially off… I’d stay away too, scorp rising. I sometimes catch them eating. It is a challenge to review the ways in which you use possessions or energies to achieve a spiritual ideal. <3 Timely and much appreciated. Epic, 10 – GET THERAPY. 5—Do not adopt a victim mentality – even if you are battling your way through adversity, hostility or harsh terrain. Turns out self-actualizing doesn’t involve you in the lotus position with a gerbera in your teeth being mindful. 45 42 50 39 37 36 36 36 38 40 43 47 51 56 61. Try not to get into debt, because you could find yourself under the control of another person. Try to deal with these hidden and unpleasant aspects of your life and your past, honestly and without guilt. The table below gives a rough guide to when you can expect this transit. So, you should not blame the other because, in reality, they are your own subtle and unconscious messages that you are sending yourself so that you can finally recognize and receive love and understanding. Nine Rules For Thriving Through Pluto Transits. Travel possibilities related to business with foreigners or people in distant places, or even the introduction of new scientific technologies in other countries. Check in with your wisdom first, before assuming that the solution or assurance you seek is outside of yourself. grace on July 17, 2017 Good afternoon Jamie, i’m afraid, because nearly december 2017 i will have pluto trine natal sun (9 house) at the same time that pluto square my natal uranus (2 house) . That is what the first half of my reply relates to lol, My phone is glitchy as all get out. I’ve adopted a darker aesthetic and it feels really good, whereas before I expressed more of my Pisces sun, now I’m into wearing sleek black/navy/leather with no apologies for the lack of color or the sexiness (and my Cap-rising is loving it but it’s Cap with more… Read more ». In this case, Pluto does not signify death, but there may be a death of someone that deeply affects you. To a Jupiter Sag Rising…oh hello, and i said yes but body just disregards as well as it can. It is a good time for regenerative therapies, whether physical or psychological. What? Soon you will find a priceless inner wealth. Such a death can radically change your circumstances or force you to confront the nature and meaning of your own life. The Pluto transit trine to your natal Pluto is a preparation for a spiritual regeneration. If you have a planet conjunct Chiron, you must consider energy and emotion at all times when trying to understand that planet – it can’t get away from energetic and emotional sensitivity. But Pluto and Mars hard aspect my Sun, and so does Uranus, Mercury. Neptune is passing through my 8th house and both my 8th and 2nd house are loaded to the hilt! Better I think, but it was touch and go at times whether it created a diamond or completely crushed me. While this is a minor aspect it has a harmonious energy that would have been supportive of your ambitions and career goals. While Pluto transits through your ninth house, you may also get financial aid or government scholarships for higher education. I might shoot left of field and say that important relationships start first with the self so on that axis of 1-7 we’re asked to look at ourselves and adjust the 1st to better experience the 7th and really the only way that can occur is through the mirror of another. I agree. If your first response to the thought prompt about (for example) moving house, breaking up with someone or being alcohol-free is along the lines of “, 5—Do not adopt a victim mentality – even if you. It was an exciting revelation when I saw the transits glaring at me from the chart! Guess being an ‘outer planet’ sort naturally both… Read more ». Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aa707e30999ba9a589d0a05c6da8e79a" );document.getElementById("d22cf7cd18").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Copyright 2009–2021 Astrology Library. It’s been literally years of career transformation, from the bottom up. A Pluto transit is a psychological journey and the cave is your subconscious mind. As Joseph Campbell – Pluto in Gemini trine Ascendant trine Saturn – wrote: The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. Pluto just exited my 10th and into my 11th. When transiting Chiron sextiles natal Saturn, you find it easier to draw upon self-discipline. Pluto transits are about letting go of things that are holding us back from deep and meaningful experiences. Pluto always produces obsessions, and during this time your beliefs will help you convince others of what you have learned, but remember that they must also have the opportunity to preserve their own points of view. Pluto Transiting the Houses Pluto Capricorn in the First House (House of Aries and Mars) Affectations picked up out of habit, are exposed to toxic behavior, and it's time to strip away these phony layers. Following each description is a comprehensive rundown of how each Planet is impacted by the transit of every other Planet, based on the sign of the natal planet. He’s timeless (all time – no time – hell, he made time), he’s tradition, ritual, structure, laws (and do apply that word both conservatively and more broadly eg a household tradition can quickly become the law… Read more ». February 19, 2020. Then in 2nd 100, all 9s except two 18s. Pluto transits to your Chiron ask you face the worst of your childhood wounding and self-esteem issues, challenging you to powerfully step forward and accept all that you feel and have felt throughout your entire life I listen to “Such a Woman”, “Harvest Moon” differently now. Mars in Scorpio sure has been bringing a lot of internal sludge up to the surface and putting it front-and-center for us all, serving it up raw-and-bleeding-style. Transit Pluto Trine Pluto Meaning, Transit Chart Aspect, Free Astrology Interpretations. When transiting Saturn sextiles natal Chiron, you find it easier to draw on your special wisdom or talents and apply them in the real world without fanfare but with decent success.. These transits are inside us. It’s the opposite of clarity. They go straight to the point. NB: The following is an updated repost. I know MRx is about to do shadow. venus inconjunct uranus; venus sextile pluto; venus trine chiron ; by Aliza. As if you’ve been drinking – which should be an apt metaphor as social media has been discovered to be seriously addictive. As Joseph Campbell – Pluto in Gemini trine Ascendant trine Saturn – wrote: 2— Consider Bach Flower Walnut Essence. Many lessons will be learned, meaning people will be pushed further and further ahead in life. Are You Hooked Up With The Great Attractor? All contain an OP. It all feels so shallow to me, and at the risk of sounding better than, I feel like I see something very ugly… Read more ». Chiron transiting Lilith asks the person to open to be more sensitive to and aware of how the energy of Lilith functions in the person’s life. 7—Embrace transformation themes. AstroSeek, Free Horoscopes and charts 2021 When a planet hits our Chiron by transit, any unhealed wounds that are ready to be processed and released are activated. 2— Consider Bach Flower Walnut Essence. Pluto conjunct north node transit is a period which triggers profound change. Detrimental habits, attitudes, beliefs and relationships are the types of things that are likely to cause more problems in your life until something happens to force change. NN 18 Can so yep…SN with Pluto on my Moon. Shit happens. It’s either me having a transhit, or others have extremely poor communication skills, bad manners and are unprofessional. early this morning (at 5:50am PDT) pluto sextiled chiron for the 3rd time of a series of 5 spanning from may 2012 to february 2014. this long term aspect is deep, transformative and cathartic! Thank you for your happy blessings for me xoxoxo That means a lot to me I think everyone is not average or put more accurately – much more than one aspect of their life may indicate. 6 years left of Pluto in my 7th. I thought her anger was extreme, then she said, “Where do you want to go now? Your life can be disrupted by natural disasters or large-scale forces, political, economic or military, beyond your personal control. ““I’ll let you be in my dream if I can be in yours” Then you will have Saturn doing a forensic follow up of the lesson(s) learnt….or not. Thank you, I needed this. It’s now opposite my sun and soon Jupiter. Like the Phoenix, you instinctively know when it’s time. Transit Pluto Trine Pluto The cycle you’re entering will happen to everyone born in your generation in their early 50’s. During the Sun trine Pluto aspect, people are more capable of understanding subtleties and discovering secrets, meaning they may get to find the answers they’re seeking in life. Jupiter conjunct Chiron transit is a period when you can focus on your unconscious beliefs that could cause you trouble in the past. He says he does not do his, either, but he works mine with some kind of shaman like… Read more ». We confront our “dark” side—those parts of us that are raw, primal, and instinctive. Same time pretty much Uranus opposed it all. This native is responding to a very unusual vibration even as a small child. The difficulty here is that you have too much power and can force things and people away from you. It’s becoming an extreme problem, it’s rude and wastes my time.

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