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Full online learning program for Irish (Irish Gaelic). The name can be spelt as Aisling or Aislinn and means “dream” or “vision”. DESCRIPTION: Meaning “thirst” as in “thirst for goodness or knowledge.” St. Ide and St. Brigid are considered the most influential woman saints of early Irish Christianity. Deirdre. A Dara is compassionate while a Breanne is strong. This popular Irish girls name means “little rose” and is the Irish variation of the name Rosie or Rosaleen. The queen of the Munster fairies was called Aine as was one of the wives of Fionn Mac Cool (read the legend). She had to drop her Irish name, Dougherty, because 20th Century Fox thought it too difficult for American movie-goers to pronounce. DESCRIPTION: niamh “radiance, lustre, brightness.” The daughter of the sea god Manannan she was known as “Niamh of the Golden Hair,” a beautiful princess riding on a white horse. [citation needed] They descend in the paternal line from the Northern Uí … Her feast day, February 1st, is the first day of Spring in the Celtic calender. But Cathleen convinces Satan to take her soul instead. Ireland is an island west of Great Britain and is politically separated into the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. DESCRIPTION: The Irish form of the Latin name Cecilia, the patron saint of music and implies “pure and musical.”, DESCRIPTION: Irish form of Jane “God is gracious.”. deich means ten and perhaps she was the tenth child. May come from gorm “illustrious” or “splendid” and flaith “queen, princess.” Lady Gormlaith, a legendary beauty, was queen of the Danes in Ireland as wife of Olaf, The Viking leader of Dublin; later she was wife of Malachy II, king of Ulster and finally married Brian Boru (read the legend), king of Munster and later king of all Ireland. DESCRIPTION: From an old Irish word meaning “white,” the 6th century St. Ailbe was associated with the monastery at Emly in County Tipperary. Although many aspects of traditional Irish culture have declined in contemporary Ireland, these 20 popular Irish Gaelic names still thrive. Fittingly, it means “ancient” in Gaelic. DESCRIPTION: muirgheal “bright as the sea.” The Irish form of the name Muriel. In an earlier legend she was the foster-mother of the infant Jesus. Search for the Perfect Baby Name. The Gaels of Scotland belonged by … St. Ailbe did and that very day the river was filled with an abundance of fish. This popular Irish boys name can be spelt like Ciarán or Kiarán and can be seen with or without fadas (e.g. How to use the index: Find your Irish surname/county below (be sure to click on “SEE MORE” to see all the surnames mentioned under that alphabet letter). Surnames were frequently formed, not from the real name of the ancestor, but from some other designation, as rank, trade, occupation, etc., as: Ó Gobhann (descendant of the smith), Ó hÍceadha (descendant of the healer), Mac an Bháird (son of the bard), Mac an tSaoir (son of the craftsman). Mächtige 2 Kreuzworträtsellexikoninhalte kennt das Datenbanksystem für die Rätselfrage Keltischer Name Irlands. Lösungen für „Gälischer Name Irlands” 2 Kreuzworträtsel-Lösungen im Überblick Anzahl der Buchstaben Sortierung nach Länge Jetzt Kreuzworträtsel lösen! DESCRIPTION: The word cadhla means beautiful and implies “a beauty that only poetry can capture.”. For example, the Irish surname Houlihan or O'Houlihan may have taken on the anglicized form Holland. This girls name originated from Ireland; it is a variation of the name Joan or Jane and means “God is gracious”. It is currently a very popular name in Ireland. These surnames all have their rightful place in Irish History, but do not have the Gaelic name origins needed for this list. Most … Connacht (Western Irish) 3. DESCRIPTION: ciar means “dark” and probably implies “dark hair and brown eyes.” County Kerry means “the land of the descendant of Ciar” who was the love-child of the High King Fergus Mac Roth and the legendary Queen Maebh. Her father, a druid, opposed the match and had Conall killed but not before Muirne had conceived a son, who grew up to be the legendary warrior Fionn Mac Cool(read the legend) and who later avenged the death of his father. Revered for her courage and purity, Catherine in the Irish form, Cathleen, became such a popular name that W. B. Yeats chose it for the heroine of his 1899 play “The Countess Cathleen” which was inspired by an Irish folktale. She is equal in esteem and shares a grave with St. Patrick and St. Columcille. This latter region is roughly the area of the old Kingdom of … Der Name ist rein literarisch, wie er vom Autor des Buches L. Frank Baum für erfunden wurde. DESCRIPTION: In Irish dorcha means “dark, dark-haired” or “descendant of the dark one.” Both a surname and a given name. As the twentieth largest island in the world with only about 6.5 million people, Ireland has a bloody history due to its two main divided parts – the Republic of Ireland with Dublin as the capital and Northern Ireland, a part that has always been under the rule of the United … Größter Fluss Irlands… She left king Conchobhar Mac Nessa for Ailill because “you are a man without meaness, fear or jealousy, a match for my own greatness.” But the couple quarrelled over who had the most possessions. View the full entry for the meaning of Siobhan, PRONOUCE: “sor + aka” or “surk + ha”. This Irish boys name can be spelt as Darragh, Dara or Daire. Nicht nur die Architektur erinnert an die Hauptstadt der Grünen Insel, hier gibt es auch fast so viele irische Pubs wie in Dublin. Am Donnerstag abend wählte der Dail, das irische Parlament, den 46jährigen Bertie Ahern aus Nord-Dublin zum neuen Taoiseach - das ist gälisch und heißt Häuptling. It did not initially take hold as a widely spoken language, as the Norman élite spoke Anglo-Norman.In time, many Norman settlers intermarried and assimilated to the Irish cultures and some even became "more Irish than the Irish … Weißfisch Irlands. DESCRIPTION: From the Latin name Rosa and means “little rose.” Records show that the name has been in use in Ireland since the sixteenth century. DESCRIPTION: From the Gaelic cara + the diminutive -in meaning “little friend or little beloved.” Caireann Chasdubh (“Cairenn of the Dark Curly Hair”) was the mother of the legendary warrior Niall of the Nine Hostages (read the legend) and thus was the maternal ancestor of the high kings of Ireland. The name Siobhán can be spelt with or without a fada (e.g. DESCRIPTION: From gran “grain, corn.” Grainne in ancient Ireland was the patron of the harvest. The name has been anglicised over generations and can also be seen as Keira, Kiera, Kyra or Kira. Find hundreds of girl names and their meanings on Ireland 101. . “A smock of royal silk she had next to her skin, over that an outer tunic of soft silk and around her a hooded mantle of crimson fastened on her breast with a golden brooch.”, DESCRIPTION: “noble, brave.” The poetic name for Ireland, Innis Ealga, means “The Noble Isle.”, PRONOUCE: “ave + linn” or “eve + linn”. DESCRIPTION: ean means “bird” and suggests “birdlike” or “freedom of spirit.” St. Enda was a sixth-century monk associated with the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. When Grainne saw him at the wedding banquet she realised Fionn was too old for her and put a “geis,” a love spell on Fionn’s nephew, Diarmuid. Keltischer Name Irlands - 2 geschätzte Datenbankeinträge mit 4 - 4 Buchstaben. Deirdre was an extremely popular name for baby boomers in Ireland during the early ’60s and stretches back far into Irish tradition. Legislation under English rule led to the anglicization of many Irish names and to the adoption of many English names. The name… pronounciation other forms* meaning; Abbán : OB awn: Abban, Abán "little abbot" Ádhamhnán : AH yum nawn: Eunan, Onan "the timorous one" Aibhne : EV nyeh: Eveny; Aveny: meaning is unknown: Ailbhe (m/f) AL vyeh: Alvy; Ailbe: Either from ail, "rock," albho, "white" or Gaulish albiorix "world king." Of Scottish origin it is quite a popular name in Ireland. name approx. This Irish girls name has numerous many variations, including Maedhbh, Maebh Madb and Medb. Schutzpatron Irlands. Irish Names and Meanings. DESCRIPTION: A medieval name derived from Latin clarus â€œclear, bright, famous.” St. Claire, a follower of St. Francis of Assisi, who left her wealthy family to found the order of nuns known as the “Poor Clares,” has always been very respected in Ireland and the name is still popular today. Gälischer Name Irlands Kreuzworträtsel-Lösungen Die Lösung mit 4 Buchstaben ️ zum Begriff Gälischer Name Irlands in der Rätsel Hilfe 9. Ciaran or Kiaran). One Fidelma, a daughter of the High King Conchobhar Mac Nessa, was known as Fidelma Nichrothach “Fidelma The Nine-Times-Beautiful,” and a warrior of note herself. Niamh can also be spelt Niambh, Neve, Nieve, or Neave. DESCRIPTION: Comes from ri “sovereign, king” and the diminutive -in and means “the king’s child” or may come from riogach “impulsive, furious.” Regan may be used for a boy or a girl. PRONOUCE: “koit + leen” “kath + leen”, DESCRIPTION: Devotion to St. Catherine came to Ireland with Christianity. Along with Riley, other Irish girl names in the US Top 1000 include … DESCRIPTION: From cion “love, affection, esteem.”. Es wird Dart und gälischer Fußball gespielt, und das berühmte Basketballteam »Boston Celtics« trägt die … DESCRIPTION: Eimear possessed the “Six Gifts of Womanhood” – “beauty, a gentle voice, sweet words, wisdom, needlework and chastity!” She was bethrothed to the warrior Cuchulainn (read the legend) when they were children and they loved each other very deeply. Incidentally, her actor sisters are named Sinead and Niamh. Instead, surnames were patronymic, or based on someone’s father’s name. DESCRIPTION: From ri + the diminutive -in meaning “little king” and has become a female form of Ryan. This popular Irish boys name means “dove” by translation. DESCRIPTION: A blend of bean â€œwoman, lady” and finn â€œfair, white” originally described Viking women. DESCRIPTION: From clodhna meaning “shapely.” Cliodhna had three magical birds that could sing the sick to sleep and cure them. The name is used for boys and girls. DESCRIPTION: Ancient Irish name from ail â€œnoble.”, DESCRIPTION: Irish version of the Norman Alice or Alicia from Elizabeth “God is my oath.”, DESCRIPTION: Ancient Irish name from the noun aine that means “splendor, radiance, brilliance.” Aine is connected with fruitfulness and prosperity. Neben Irischer Name Irlands ist der weitere Begriffseintrag Keltisch: Irland ( ID: 105.817). Looking for unique Irish baby girl names? In a time of famine the Devil offers food to the starving poor in exchange for their souls. She had been promised in marriage to the king Fionn Mac Cool (read the legend). DESCRIPTION: Nessa was the mother of Conchobhar (Conor) Mac Nessa, king of Ulster. In later legends Grainne was the name of the beautiful daughter of a High King of Ireland, Cormac Mac Art. Altes Kfz-Zeichen Irlands. DESCRIPTION: From the Irish word uan “a lamb” or may come from the Latin unameaning “one,” hence it is sometimes translated as “Unity.” In legend Oonagh was “Queen of the Fairies” who had long golden hair which reached to the ground and she was also the wife of Fionn Mac Cool (read the legend). DESCRIPTION: The Irish word mara means “sea.”. Ailill : AL yil: Irial, … Gaelic baby names have become popular with the English-speaking population, and most of the names are derived from the names of flowers, trees, and plants from lands of the Gaels. Megalithic sites throughout Ireland are still traditionally referred to as “the bed of Grainne and Diarmuid” (read the legend). Zentrale Figur der keltischen Mythologie Irlands. In tradition, this name means “born of yew (tree)” or “youth”. DESCRIPTION: Means “sea white, sea fair.” The very appropriate name of the 6th century mermaid caught by a fisherman in Lough Neagh. When the expression of Irish patriotic poetry and song was outlawed during Ireland’s troubled and turbulent past, the Irish bards would disguise their nationalistic verse as love songs. Gwen: DESCRIPTION: The Irish form of the Welsh name Tegwin which means “beautiful.”. The name itself means “freedom”. Her namesake St. Brigid of Kildare carried her powers into the Christian era. DESCRIPTION: A classic Irish name, it could be a shortened form of Eleanor meaning “torch” or could be from the Latin Honora meaning “honor, reputation” and became so popular in Ireland in the Middle Ages that many people assumed it was Irish. He brought her to St. Comghall who baptized her which transformed her into a woman. When Daire went back on the deal she went to war with Cuchulainn (read the legend) and the province of Ulster to recover the bull. Other variations include Aodhan or Aiden. DESCRIPTION: muirne means “high-spirited, festive.” Muirne loved Conall who was from an opposing tribe. DESCRIPTION: From each meaning “steed, horse.” The daughter of a king of the Irish province of Connacht, she was renowned for both her beauty and her fashion sense. DESCRIPTION: “beautiful, radiant, joyful.” Known as the greatest woman warrior in the world, Aoife was the mother of Cuchulainn’s (read the legend) only son, Connlach. Phonetically: shi-von. DESCRIPTION: blath means “flower, blossom.” In legend, Blaithnaid, the reluctant wife of Curai Mac Daire, loved Cuchulainn (read the legend), her husband’s rival. DESCRIPTION: Used for both male and female it is the Irish word for Christmas, as in Noel or Noelle. Before the birth of her son an angel appeared to her displaying a beautifully colored cloak covered with wonderful flowers. Chances are, you can find her drinking coffee in some hidden gem cafe in Dublin, planning her next big trip. One morning they were awakened by the sound of a Mass bell. As their healing skills became widely known, many Cassidys were employed by other chieftans, particularly in the north of the country. The following is Part I (letters A - G) of our comprehensive list of the 300 most common Irish surnames and their meanings. This popular Irish boys name has been on the go for centuries and is still as prevalent as ever. Brian Boru‘s (read the legend) mother was called Beibhinn and he named his daughter for her. This popular Irish girls name came into use in the early 20th century and is still as popular as ever. DESCRIPTION: It is really a shortened version of Fionnuala (see Fionnuala above) and in Ireland it is more widely used than Fionnuala. Until about the 10th century in Ireland, surnames were not passed down from generation to generation. How many people do you know with the following names?Kathleen or Cathleen, from the Irish Caitlín (pronounced KATCH-leen)Katelynn, based on a mispronunciation of the above CaitlínKatrina, from the Irish Caitríona (pronounced kat-TREE-uh-nuh)Eileen, from the Irish Eibhlín (pronounced EV-leen or EYE-leen, depending on region)Colleen, from the Irish word for “girl”: cailín (pronounced KAL-yeen or KOL-… Ireland Before You Die (IB4UD) is the biggest Irish travel and culture website. If you can't find your name, take a look at our Problem Names Page. It is used for boys and girls. In legend, the golden-haired giantess Beibhinn sought sanctuary with Fionn Mac Cool (read the legend) so she would not have to marry the giant “Hugh The Splendid.”. In some cases, the equivalent can be a cognate, in other cases it may be an Anglicised spelling derived from the Gaelic name, or in other cases it can be an etymologically unrelated name. This is the Irish feminine version of the popular Irish boys name Ciarán, which means “little dark-haired one” or “little dark one” in the old Irish language. The main female deity of the Celts, Brigid made the land fruitful and animals multiply, she blessed poets and blacksmiths. The name itself means “firey” in the Gaelic language. Donegal (Ulster, Northern Irish) There is also some evidence that the Irish spoken in urban areas and that spoken in Gaeltacht by an older population are becoming progressively more di… This vision foretold that her little son was to travel over the seas and there win great distinction and honour. Giorsal is a Gaelic name and means Having Grey Hair, Girl: Gaelic: Christianity: Glencora: Glencora means Lady of the Valley or Heart of the Valley: Girl: Celtic,Gaelic: Christianity: Continue for more names 1; 2; 3; NEXT ‹ From The Baby Names Blog. DESCRIPTION: Aibreann is April in the Irish language. Generally speaking, any name that is associated with Ireland long enough will eventually acquire its own form in the Irish language, though it may or may not acquire a Gaelic prefix along the way. Surname variations also resulted from an Iris… In the figure of Roisin Dubh (“Dark Rosaleen”), a Gaelic poem translated by James Clarence Mangan in 1835, the name became a poetic symbol of Ireland, reflecting the Irish tradition of disguising outlawed patriotic verse as love songs where she is told not to be downhearted for her friends are returning from abroad to come to her aid. When the fairy king Midir fell in love with her his wife, Fuamnach, transformed Etain into a scarlet fly that was blown over the ocean for seven years. DESCRIPTION: “noble, virtuous.” The feminine of Brian. These are the popular Irish names for girls including the Gaelic origins, meanings, and spellings. For now though, here are the 20 most popular! DESCRIPTION: From cas â€œcurly-haired.” The Cassidys were the hereditary physicians to the Maguires, the chiefs of County Fermanagh between 1300 and 1600. It means “little dark one” or “little dark-haired one”. Meaning “fair shouldered, exceptionally lovely,” the name has been in existence since the 13th century. DESCRIPTION: From damh “deer” and the diminutive -in it means “little deer.”. DESCRIPTION: From et meaning “jealousy.” Etain surpassed all other women of her time in beauty and gentleness and thus was an object of jealousy herself. The Normans brought Monique, “giver of advice,” or it could refer to Madonna, “lady” as in the Mona Lisa. Saying that she believes Ireland - her homeland - is the most enchanting place she has ever been and is passionate about documenting the Emerald Isle. DESCRIPTION: All these variations refer to the famous Irish woman bethrothed to King Mark of Cornwall who fell in love with his nephew Tristan when they drank a love potion by mistake. There are three major dialects with considerable variation among them (Ethnologue). Her three sons, Sitric, Murdach and Donough continued to rule Ireland after The Battle of Clontarf where Brian Boru died in 1014.

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