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It’s hardly surprising that Focal should use flax, because French flax is considered the best in the world, particularly those varieties cultivated in Picardy, Normandy and the Pas-de-Calais region, where they have hectares of it growing. 61 with David Zinman and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (Sony SK60584). [40][41], On 28 January 2012, she was a presenter at the 64th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards ceremony. This means that the bass notes can’t ‘muddy’ notes in the midrange, either through compression effects or, more significantly, via the phenomenon of Doppler distortion. Faraday rings aren’t new – driver manufacturers have been using them for more than half a century, but Focal has used its very expensive Klippel analyser to optimise the dimensions of the Faraday rings it uses and their positions in the magnetic field to produce superior results over the usual ‘off-the-shelf’ Faraday rings.Â. For anyone buying loudspeakers, this means that the more you pay, the better the sound will be, but there will eventually come a point at which the increased costs are not matched by similarly satisfying increases in sound quality. Overall, the laboratory tests performed by Newport Test Labs reveal that the performance of the Focal Kanta No.3 is absolutely outstanding across all measured parameters. It also shows that with careful room placement, it would be possible to extract considerably more low-frequency output from the Focal Kanta No.3 than was measured by Newport Test Labs (which essentially measures low frequencies in open space, so there’s no boundary reinforcement. You can see from Graph 1 that even if we tighten the dB reporting window, the response is still very linear and extended: 50Hz to 36kHz ±2.5dB, while across the all-important midrange, the measured frequency response is essentially within ±1.5dB! Bands, Businesses, Restaurants, Brands and Celebrities can create Pages in order to connect with their fans and customers on Facebook. TheFocal Kanta No.3s are large loudspeakers, standing 1.28 metres tall on their unique integral Zamac base. Both ports are radiused at both entrance and exit. 2 on its list "Lip Smacking Good: The Best Kisses of 2012";[25] named Castle as No. So Focal has trickled down the ‘W’ and ‘K2’ ‘sandwich’ techniques it uses to build the drivers used in its top-line models down to the Kanta No.3, so that its flax core has a fibreglass layer on either side, forming what Focal calls an ‘F’ driver.Â. Listening to Jim Keltner’s drumming on Sheffield Lab’s Drum & Track album I heard a perfectly-tuned bass drum with incredible dynamics, as well as superb rim shots and great brushwork. But perhaps one of the most attractive elements is the baffle itself, which is moulded in one piece from a High Density Polymer (HDP) material that is 70 per cent denser than MDF, 15 per cent stiffer than MDF and provides 25 per cent more damping than MDF.Â. an audio signal) through the voice coil, it creates a magnetic field around the coil that then interacts with the magnetic field around the magnet and causes the voice coil to move one way or the other, but as the voice coil moves through the magnetic field it distorts it, which then means that the movement of the coil will depend on where the coil is located in relation to that field as well as the voltage through the coil.Â. This means that instead of hearing a 1,000Hz tone, we will actually hear 1,020Hz as the cone moves towards us and 1,980Hz when it’s moving away. Yep, I hadn’t been listening to the speakers at all – I’d been listening to the music, held totally in the thrall of the performances – which actually tells you everything you need to know about the sound quality of the Focal Kanta No.3s. Awesome! 11 on "The 15 Best Dramas of the 2011–2012 TV Season"[27] and No. [47] On 18 April 2016, ABC announced that Katic was slated to exit Castle ahead of a potential ninth season. When you listen to the Focal Kanta No.3s for yourself, I expect that initially, you’ll do the same thing as me… you’ll be held in the thrall of the music. "[6] Her father is from Vrlika, Croatia, and her mother is from the surrounding area of Sinj, Croatia. [8] Katic also studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school. The ideal is to find a speaker at the ‘sweet spot’ where the balance is just right for both your ears and your own budget. Si raja like. However, because Focal actually states a minimum impedance (of 3Ω) in its specification, it is allowed (under the International Electrotechnical Commission rules that govern what can be legally claimed) to claim an 8Ω nominal spec. [53] In 2016, Katic was cast in the horror film Cadaver[54] In January 2017, Katic appeared as Anna in the film Lost in Florence. [13][14] In 2008, Katic established her own production company, Sine Timore Productions, which is Latin for "without fear". News Flash: that is not what happened! The base also increases the cabinet’s stability, which is important, because it’s large and heavy. If you look at the rubber at the circumference of the midrange cone (and it’s a rubber, not a foam, so it won’t deteriorate in Australia’s harsh UV-rich environment) you’ll see there are curious ‘bumps’ moulded into it.Â. Newport Test Labs measured the frequency response of the Focal Kanta No.3 as 37Hz to 40kHz ±4dB, which is an outstanding result that shows both the bass and treble extension of which this speaker is capable. Beginning in the late 1980s, queer activists, such as the members of Queer Nation, began to reclaim the word as a … As for the IAL (Infinite Acoustic Loading) that’s referenced in the model name of the IAL3 tweeter (the ‘3’ stands for third generation by the way), those letters refer to the way by which pressures from the sides of the dome are redirected. I call us Dalmatian because that's the part of the planet that we are originally from. The low-frequency performance of the Focal Kanta No.3 measured by Newport Test Labs is shown in Graph 3. Daniel Wu Neh-Tsu (Chinese: 吳彥祖; pinyin: Wú Yànzǔ; born September 30, 1974) is a Chinese-American actor, director and producer based in Hong Kong. It’s a very good—and very high!—figure which means that from a practical viewpoint, you’ll be able to get the most from your amplifier, as well as generate extremely high sound pressure levels without distortion.Â. It's called "oops, hi, we should not touch, hahahaha". The Focal Kanta No.3 is the top-of-the line model in this French manufacturer’s range of home loudspeakers, weighing in at £9000 ($11,999, AU$20,500). Experience why Lee has been a popular brand since 1889. The Italians might be known for their style, but the French are renowned for their chic… there’s even a French word for it – and these Kanta No.3s are very definitely chic – trés chic, in fact. Si raja kata-kata. He is known as a "flexible and distinctive" leading actor in the Chinese language film industry. And to celebrate the anniversary of the moon landing as well as plumb the depths of the Kanta No.3’s bass capabilities, I also used them to play back the soundtrack of the NASA doco The Dream Is Alive which includes the thunder of the Discovery shuttle launch. Flax is a beautiful-looking blue-flowered plant whose stalk is most often cultivated to make linen, as used in high-quality bed sheets. The relaxed nature of this commemorative event (all three clutch glasses of champagne!) I have Serb, Croat and even a handful of Montenegrin family members. You’re going to appreciate Focal’s ‘Zamac’ base, because it makes speaker positioning and alignment (and re-positioning, if you have to) dead easy. 8 in 2012[18] and No. Of course you can’t just use flax on its own for a cone material – it’s too soft. The Calming (Song Fang) The meticulousness and control of Song Fang’s feature-length directorial debut, Memories Look at Me , gave the film a specific conceptual focus. [42] She was the recipient of the PRISM Award for Performance in a Drama Episode at the 16th Annual PRISM Awards for her portrayal of suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder in the Castle season-four episode "Kill Shot". Stana Katic (/ˈstɑːnə ˈkætɪk/;[2] Serbian Cyrillic: Cтaнa Катић, romanized: Stana Katić, pronounced [stǎːna kǎːtitɕ]; born (1978-04-26)26 April 1978[3][4]) is a Canadian-American actress and producer. Visit our corporate site. If you’re standing beside a railroad and a train goes past you with its whistle blowing, you will hear the pitch of whistle as being a higher frequency when the train is approaching than you do when it’s at its ‘proper’ (lower) frequency when the train is alongside, and finally as a lower frequency when it’s moving away. The Kanta No.3s get the midrange oh so right. Listening to Kanine’s What I Said, I revelled in the way the Kanta No.3s were able to reveal the pitch of any low-frequency sound immediately… which is a stunning achievement considering the frequencies involved. The sound is simply that: sound. The locals had long since learned she was 'Uremeshi's Girl' as such they only gave her a onceover, lest they attract the open ire of Sarayashiki's number one punk. Si raja komentar iseng. This graph shows the output of the front-firing bass reflex port (blue trace); the rear-firing port (red trace), the response of the lower of the two bass drivers (black trace) and of the higher one (dark blue trace) as well as the response of the midrange driver (green trace). ), In addition to the rather sexy curve of the cabinet, there’s a slight tilt that pushes everything just slightly off the vertical, visually softening the lines. Indeed the individuality made possible by hand-building may be prized when you’re making something like glassware, but when you’re building speakers, it’s an anathema: you want every single driver to be indistinguishable from any other. And as for the sound of the Baltimore’s string section when playing the Beethoven, just listen to the short, clean strokes in the opening tutti. The Focal Kanta No.3 is a three-way speaker, which is my preferred design, because it means that the bass driver – or drivers (plural) in this case, because the Focal Kanta No.3 has two of them sharing the bass duties – delivers only bass frequencies, and the midrange driver delivers only the midrange frequencies. They are hilarious, they are all giddy afterwards and smiling like loons. However, no matter how stiff a cone is, it has to be allowed to move freely, and this is where Focal has developed a unique surround for its 165mm midrange driver, one that it has patented. These sounds are perhaps best-heard on-axis, but the off-axis sound is equally satisfying, if somewhat lower in level at the extreme highs. [50], Katic played Carolina Baxter in the Lifetime film Sister Cities that premiered on 17 September 2016. 13 (and the Best Delayed Relationship) on its list of "The Best Relationships of 2011",[22] No. Please refresh the page and try again. One thing to consider, however, is that the midrange driver does not have a protective dustcap at its centre like the two bass drivers. Browse Pages. 12 on "The 12 Best Dramas of 2012". [44] At the 40th People's Choice Awards, Katic won the Favorite Dramatic TV Actress category, while the show won Favorite TV Crime Drama. [8], BuddyTV named Stana Katic as No. Whether or not you use the speaker grilles (which attach magnetically, by the way) is up to you, really, because I found that the speakers sound the same with or without them. English: The theurgical associations of verses from Tehillim as attributed to Rav Hai Gaon (939-1038 CE). In the case of the Kanta No.3, the bass drivers are each rated at 210mm in diameter, but the total moving diameter (cone plus roll surround) is 180mm and the Thiele/Small diameter is 168mm. She holds dual citizenship in Canada and the United States. Loudspeaker manufacturers prefer to keep very quiet about Doppler distortion because they all sell two-way loudspeakers, and all two-way speakers suffer from it.Â. dayanara (dayxctz) - Profile | Pinterest ... dayanara | sup This trace is a post-processed, so that below 500Hz the trace is the averaged result of multiple sweeps using a pink noise stimulus. This reduces and linearises the voice coil’s inductance, resulting in reduced distortion and a more predicable frequency response. The stereo imaging and soundstaging presented by the Focal Kanta No.3s is worthy of special mention, as it’s so focused you can even hear the subtle, minuscule changes in tone as singers move their microphones whilst singing (or move from side to side while singing into fixed microphones). ... un libro has de leer. She played Kate Beckett on the ABC television romantic crime series Castle (2009–2016) and Agent Emily Byrne in the thriller series Absentia (2017–present). Riddley Walker, published in 1980, was a deserving sensation at the time, a post-nuclear tribal UK Huckleberry Finn about storytelling, song, myth, ritual, exegesis and the endless adventure (and burdensome responsibility) of language and the understanding it makes possible. If you’re looking at the photo accompanying this review and wondering what all the fuss is about, I can assure you that it doesn’t do them justice. She is really tall; She has brown eyes; She has black curly hair. Wali akan terus berkarya demi nusa dan bangsa,karena dengan imannyah yang kuat, dan lagunyah pun banyak digemari masyarakat indonesia, dan kata para Wali apabila kita sukses jangan pernah sombong diri, dan harus tetap berdoa kepada allah swt © Switching to music that made things rather easier for the tweeter simply proved that Focal’s new IAL3 beryllium tweeter will deliver any sound within its pass band with aplomb. Her ability to generate this level of warmth from her violin sets her apart as a genius, rather than a virtuoso. (But rather poignant viewed now, since it contains footage of Francis Scobee and Judith Resnik, who were to die in the Challenger disaster two years later). [36][37] She received 17.3% of the 3,641 votes against a field of 15 finalists. 12 in 2013;[19] No. There are very minor variations in level, but nothing untoward, and there are absolutely no resonances. Sign up below to get the latest from What Hi-Fi?, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Otakuteca.com es una base de datos de Animes y Mangas entre otros, creada por y para la comunidad. He also starred in the AMC martial arts drama series Into … Mar 14, 2020 - Read Chapter Seven from the story Amaryllis Dursley by CheyanneBoone0 (Cheyanne L. Elvir) with 3,911 reads. [57], She founded The Alternative Travel Project in 2010 which is an initiative to encourage people to Go Car Free for just one day and seek out alternative methods of public transportation to reduce the environmental impact of personal vehicles. One major problem with all moving-coil drivers (also known as dynamic drivers) is that their operation is dependent on the interaction between two magnetic fields, the one surrounding the driver magnet and the other surrounding the voice coil. [59] [8] She spent the following years moving back and forth between Canada and the United States. 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