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Uranus stimulates the hypes and the (together with Neptune) the ‘hoax’. Transit Uranus to Natal Neptune With transit Uranus conjunct your natal Neptune, your creativity is heightened, as is you connection to your dreams, fantasies, and hopes. You take drugs, lots of psychedelic drugs. "Astrodienst" describes the event as follows: "This influence represents an enormous revolution in your consciousness, as you are exposed to aspects of life that you never dreamed possible. Leo heart, blood Uranus erases that line. During this transit, you will tend to become interested in all things strange and mystical. Ascendant neglect. Transiting Neptune Aspects. 18 people love it! Cancer skin. Neptune Conjunct Moon A time during which you may be able to carry your ideals and dreams into reality to make your home and environment reflect your inner desires and become as you dreamed it could be. neptune neptune aspects uranus uranus aspects uranus biquintile neptune uranus conjunct neptune uranus decile neptune uranus inconjunct neptune uranus novile neptune uranus octile neptune uranus opposite neptune uranus quincunx neptune Uranus quindecile neptune ... Transiting Uranus in Aries through the Houses. ith transiting Uranus in aspect to natal Neptune, you are waking up to a dream. Menschen mit dieser Konjunktion sind besonders phantasievoll, einfallsreich und intuitiv. Uranus Transits in Aspect to Natal Neptune: The planet of sudden change and flashes of insight contacts the planet of dreams, illusions, and delusions. And now I´m about to live Neptune opposite natal Mars. Uranus shakes things up. You enjoy intellectual discussions with friends regarding art, healing, spiritual growth, community values and mystical subjects. Your urge to explore transcendental terrain is strong. They accompany surgery, accidents (with Mars), sudden shocking changes (for example in your opinion, with Mercury, or habits, with the Moon or preferences with Venus). These might include any of the… This transit will mark a disorienting time in your life. Uranus Transits. It is said that genius and madness have only a thin line between them. Neptune is the mystic who Feels. You lose touch with reality for a while. Whether it brings total chaos or revolutionary new advances (frequently both) its effects are never dull. Dream insight. This opens you up to new experiences and a new outlook on life. The third major aspect formed by Neptune's current transit to the Uranus/Pluto/Chiron configuration in my horoscope is Neptune's opposition to Uranus. I survived Uranus and Neptune transit conjunct Moon in my 4th and it was the most horrible time of my life, together with Saturn transiting 8th and 12th. Transit Neptune to Natal Uranus With transit Neptune conjunct your natal Uranus, your creativity is heightened, and you can explore your imagination, subconscious, and spirituality in unusual ways. You may suddenly decide to pursue a dream, or dream about change in your life, but not actually do any of it. Taurus neck, throat, ears, nose, teeth, hearing. Uranus Neptun in Konjunktion, Sextil, Quadrat, Trigon, Opposition Uranus Neptun Konjunktion. Even though there's an authentic drive toward a compassionate view of society and a real interest toward spirituality and transcendence, you risk chasing impractical ideas and dreams that can bring further confusion into your life. Uranus confusion. Ihr scharfer Verstand bringt viele geistreiche Ideen hervor. Transit of Uranus come by surprise. Liberation from sedation. NEPTUNE SEXTILE YOUR URANUS (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks) Your intuitive insight is stimulated and you have enterprising ideas for an idealistic world. Neptune hypochondria. Any ideals you have take on more meaning. Pluto malfunction. Uranus is the genius who Knows. Gemini lungs, speech, smell. Medium Coeli doubt And here are the Zodiac signs and the body parts they govern, where health issues may be eased or solved by a transit sextile: Aries head, brain. It ?electrifies?, sometimes literally. You traverse ravines of consciousness. Neptune Conjunct: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Midheaven, Ascendant. Bei einer Uranus Neptun Konjunktion treffen wir auf Phantasie, Mystik und Geheimnisse. Transiting Uranus opposite natal Neptune.

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