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Enigmail, the OpenPGP privacy extension for Thunderbird, submitted its project to GSoC seeking a student to help update user interface elements and assist with other design work. Versioned Breaks will be added (both ways) to make sure that the thunderbird and enigmail packages are both upgraded if both were previously installed. GPG WARNING : Enigmail+GPG is not supported from 2nd, 3rd, etc profiles in Thunderbird Portable, only from the main profile as launched from ThunderbirdPortable.exe. That new version of Enigmail is only a "Migration Version", which will assist you with this move. by Toshi. Enigmail-specific user-agent is off by default Standard Thunderbird User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 () Gecko/20100101 Thunderbird/ Contacts: K-9 Mail + OpenKeychain. The enigmail package will be updated to the version that provides the migration path to Thunderbird 78’s integrated PGP solution. Import the same to Thunderbird/Enigmail. Thunderbird includes an auto migration tool that imports your Mozilla 1.x or Netscape 7.x profile directly into Thunderbird without you having to do anything. Alternatively, users of Enigmail’s Junior Mode may attempt a manual migration to Thunderbird’s new integrated OpenPGP feature, as explained in our howto document listed below. Therefore, it’s important that you learn about digitally signing and encrypting your emails properly. Free Email Providers. It is unclear if this requires an active action of the user or if the migration happens in the background. Login to Comment Before migration, make sure that a strong passphrase is used for the master password. To migrate keys from Enigmail to Thunderbird, as well as learn what is currently supported, see Thunderbird OpenPGP FAQ. The password authentication is migrated to OAuth2 in the release. The addon will assist the migration from Enigmail to Thunderbird's built-in OpenPGP support. Enigmail 88,193 users; 8. dear Thunderbird users and interested parties, We have a security notice for everyone who uses Thunderbird or the encryption add-on Enigmail. Hence, last autumn we entered into a cooperation with Mozilla’s SOS Fund to commission a security audit of Thunderbird with Enigmail. This article is focused on how to do that in Thunderbird. That new version of Enigmail is only a "Migration Version", which will assist you with this move. Thunderbird 68.0 does not support certain types of classic extensions and the next major version of Thunderbird, version 78, finalizes the migration. A migration to the new p≡p for Thunderbird will also be triggered at some point in the future for users remaining on Thunderbird 68.x.x with the Enigmail/p≡p Junior Mode activated. Migration happens in the background according to Sören Hentzschel. Unlike Enigmail, OpenPGP in Thunderbird 78 does not use GnuPG software by default. You can run the migration assistant again using Help -> Migration Assistant if you change your mind about which toolbar to use etc.. Displays the mail program with which the selected mail was written *This addon is compatible with Thunderbird after Web Extesnsions support. Thunderbird version 78.1.0 is only offered as direct download from and not as an upgrade from Thunderbird version 68 or earlier. To use your existing PGP keys with Thunderbird 78 and above, you must use the migration tool from Enigmail upon the first Thunderbird run. To upgrade GPG for Thunderbird, just do the same again. We should check if there's a plan to get it into Debian. What does this mean for you: Together with the upgrade to Thunderbird 78, you should obtain a new version of Enigmail (if not, check for updates in the Addons Manager). Thunderbird will no longer use the system keyring and GnuPG; instead, it will handle PGP keys internally. That extension can safely be eradicated once the settings it stored are migrated. If you are using the Enigmail add-on update to the most recent version to avoid crashes. Thunderbird is an email client free of cost and open-source for all major platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Supported receiving formats: PGP/INLINE, encrypted and clearsigned Preferred receiving format: PGP/INLINE Migration from Enigmail says that Enigmail for Thunderbird 78 will exist, ... one needs Enigmail 2.2.x to import GnuPG keys and previous Enigmail settings into Thunderbird. Address book migration updates and fixes. Its available here. Because the types of add-ons supported in Thunderbird will change with version 78, the current Thunderbird 68.x branch (maintained until Fall 2020) will be the last that can be used with Enigmail. I will however do my best to support this and provide a smooth migration should the official release of GnuPG go a different direction. List of Free Email Providers Gmail. (2) I log out of my web mail. If you use the Enigmail/p≡p Junior Mode: the p≡p for Thunderbird download page will automatically be opened after the upgrade to Thunderbird 78 or above. When you generate a key pair with Enigmail, it's really GnuPG that does the work. It is our goal to make popular open-source solutions more secure. As announced, the functionality of Enigmail is discontinued for Thunderbird 78. Yes. Another change introduced in Thunderbird 78.4.0 affects Yahoo and AOL mail users. Together with the upgrade to Thunderbird 78, you should obtain a new version of Enigmail (if not, check for updates in the Addons Manager). Summary: OpenPGP addon for Mozilla Thunderbird This package contains the Enigmail OpenPGP Addon for Mozilla Thunderbird 78. FYI: Since the update 68 -> 78 removes Enigmail (PGP is now included in Thunderbird itself), Thunderbird provides a migration wizard under “Tools -> Migrate Enigmail settings” that will recover all things Enigmail and convert them to the new system, so you don’t loose your keys/settings. For users of Enigmail, Thunderbird 78. 3. Since development and operation check are done on Daily, it may not work on normal Thunderbird. Enigmail could open a tab (each time Thunderbird gets started) with a warning that says "reminder, please continue to use Thunderbird 68.x until August-25 because ...". Port details: thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird is standalone mail and news that stands above 78.8.0 mail =134 78.7.1 Version of this port present on the latest quarterly branch. Hallo,ich würd gern den ungewöhnlichen Schritt machen und mich von meinem Mac verabschieden, mein Thunderbird aber mitnehmen.Ist es möglich ein Backup auf dem Mac zu machen und das unter XP wieder einzubauen?Sonst: welche Ordner brauche ich, um mein… One consequence of the move is that classic add-ons, Enigmail being one of them, won't be supported anymore in the new version of the email client. Can I access my Yahoo!, Hotmail, Lycos (Europe), MailDotCom, Gmail, and Libero WebMail account through Thunderbird? Great news! Your public/private keys are therefore stored in the GnuPG home directory and not Enigmail's directory. When you restart Thunderbird Portable, you'll have full access to Enigmail and GPG, all made portable. Adding this section to your manifest.json will cause the file background-script.js to be loaded and evaluated by Thunderbird. Side note, GnuPG Portable Dev Test 2.2 had 70 downloads. See the migration notes on the Mageia wiki. Actual Results: Thunderbird will show all the headers, but since the message is digitally signed & encrypted the body of the messages will be blank (this has been my experience). In order to use the same key on another machine, you will need to copy the GnuPG home directory from your old computer to your new one. Insure all the certificate are imported and installed in Thunderbird. It comes with a migration tool to help Enigmail users make the switch. A student has been selected for the Enigmail/Thunderbird Google Summer of Code (GSoC) project. The Enigmail add-on is not compatible with Thunderbird 78+. Die Thunderbird-Entwickler äußern sich in einem eigenen Text ausführlich zu den Unterschieden zwischen Enigmail und ihrer OpenPGP-Implementierung in Thunderbird sowie zu einem Umstieg von Enigmail. ... users of the Enigmail Add-on should not update to Thunderbird 78. From Thunderbird 78.2.1 onwards, this functionality is integrated into Thunderbird. After downloading the emails from “webmail”, Thunderbird deletes … And that is all the limited Enigmail extension for Thunderbird 78 does. In the bug, multiple people suggested that Enigmail be incorporated into Thunderbird and the Enigmail developers were not opposed. $ ls -ld /home/thuy/.gnupg /home/thuy/.gnupg/* and report the results. (3) I start Thunderbird and click of “get email” (4) Thunderbird downloads the emails from my webmail “inbox” into my local PC “inbox” where I can there catalog them into appropriate folders. The workflow of sending encrypted email has changed a lot.

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