chiron conjunct saturn transit

This is a perfect description of my experience during childhood and is what led to my breakdown when I was 20. ( Log Out /  Chiron is in relationship to the seven-year Uranus cycle which contains a Saturn square to Saturn within each seven-year … Negative feelings and low energy now can lead you to poor health habits such as getting insufficient exercise, eating junk food, smoking, or drinking to excess. He has survived time and hardship because he has something to offer, and he can offer something no one else can, IF you take care of him. You are very concerned with your responsibilities to important people in your life and you may give a special gift or provide practical assistance to parents, spouse, or children. You will probably have to temporarily suspend some hobbies and entertainments as you will not have time for these things. Do not hesitate too long because you will regret your procrastination and begin to feel frustrated, lonely, and depressed. This is not a good time to make binding contracts or agreements. You’re more likely to feel abandoned by the universe, like you’ve been left to deal with your wounds without help. This house is often seen as a boring place (unless you’re a Virgo!) Massages, exercise, and outdoor activities will alleviate the tension. Do not overreact by abandoning everything. Sloppiness, inconsistencies, and exaggerations are exposed now. Positive traits: This Natal Saturn – Chiron aspects gives you energy for action. A large amount of sacrifice and selfless dedication to family responsibilities is needed at this time and, if you are unwilling to do it, a major crisis in your close relationships is likely to erupt. Parties and get-togethers disappoint you, and you may find yourself becoming anti-social or critical of other people. However, if your first Chiron square happens later you don’t get let off the hook. This means that after the initial Saturn-Chiron hit, the pain will become power. Your career and personal aims may gain more focus during this time. On another level, you may feel something or someone in your environment is blocking, interfering, delaying, or pressuring you in ways that are difficult to address or rectify at the present moment. Significant and pressing work-related issues demand your attention at this time. You need some time to be alone now. Saturn triggers more emotional pain than physical: depression and anxiety, a lowering of the auto-immune system and fatigue. Take advantage of this opportunity by “setting the record straight” with anyone with whom you have not been able to reach a mutually clear understanding. The Jupiter Saturn Conjunction – the start of a New Age? Fight off these negative tendencies by taking a more active interest in spiritual, religious, idealistic, and charitable activities. In fact, the later you experience the first square, the more you’ll tend to feel alone and wounded by life. If you have been thinking about relaxing and taking it easy during this time period, you probably should rearrange your plans. By trying to keep a sense of humor and a hopeful attitude, you may find that you get along reasonably well with this person despite his/her personality and rigid policies. It may take considerable effort, teamwork, and open communication to reestablish trust, security, and stability in a significant relationship. Gambling or risky ventures are not affected. This astrological influence is not extremely powerful and the results may not bring you tangible rewards, but the effects are very significant, meaningful, and important from a spiritual perspective. Chiron can find peculiar traps particularly with banking procedures. If you are responsible, dedicated, reliable, and have a strong sense of self-integrity and appreciation of others’ unique qualities, then such problems are not likely to arise. Your capacity to stick to tedious jobs or assignments is diminished. You are able to keep your house in order, accomplish all of your chores, and get your life in good working order. There is a particular emphasis on removing whatever is superfluous or wasteful. Do not try to ignore the issues or stay quiet. Barriers and blocks from your past which have interfered with your forming solid, stable relationships, as well as work fulfillment, can be removed. This is also a good time to improve work routines, methods, and job efficiency. ), stopped drinking booze, and started doing yoga. ... Chiron conjunct Saturn: Frequent reporting of a change in relationships, or the final end of a relationship, or a relationship becoming a commitment for It represents an opportunity to heal and may reflect your experience of the first square. A professional or personal dilemma or situation which once seemed impossible to deal with may now be resolved or healed at this time. But, Queenie, I don't know for sure because my Chiron is at 14. Taking long walks and having quiet times at home can help tremendously. Free Online Astrology, Natal Birth Chart Meanings and Interpretations. This period can bring stability and endurance to your marital or love relationship. However, commitment and loyalty to your relationship is foremost to your own needs and emotional longings. Whenever it happens, this is an opportunity to reconnect with your soul so you can manifest the truth of who you are. A parent or authority figure may either be in need of healing or could be instrumental in giving you guidance and support during this time. Saturn Transits to Other Natal Points. You should avoid criticizing the people you care about if they disappoint you or fail to live up to your expectations. During the last transit through Taurus, Chiron was leaving Uranus' orbit and heading back to cross into Saturn's orbit. When Saturn and Chiron connect, we integrate our needs for tradition, convention, and stability, with our needs to follow our inner code and to heal ourselves emotionally. Your usual pleasures do not interest you now, and you can become emotionally depressed. A reorganization or change of responsibilities at your place of work may also occur, or a new supervisor or employer may replace the old one at this time. You may feel that hard work is a euphemism for what you are experiencing, and the obstacles you face may be very frustrating. at this time, and it is best to concentrate on these problems now. You may also decide to make new investments or change current ones at this time. Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Midheaven. This is a time when you may be putting in long hours of work in order to complete a project before a definite deadline or to pay expenses and debts. Register on our new website by clicking here to receive a brand new upcoming Opportunities, Challenges and Actions Transit Report ($10 value) free. You may discover that for a long time you have been expecting the other person to play a role that fits a concept of yours, but is stifling for the other person. Once you start the change, you will stick to it to the bitter end, but you may have trouble initiating the changes. Your personal aims, ambitions, and interests meet with unexpected obstacles at this time. You can rely upon a good sense of timing and judgment to afford you with opportunities to put forth your efforts, talents, and goals. Anything you haven’t healed yet will come up and demand to be dealt with. Saturn represents the teacher that looks after us and makes sure we are going to survive in a harsh world. You may also have to assume responsibilities or obligations in your domestic life which becomes a personal burden or hardship. You may also develop a negative attitude towards society in general. Mental concentration is excellent now. 234SharesPluto conjunct Saturn transit indicates a stressful year or more of difficult change. In most cases, a reorganizing of priorities and change of approach will “do the trick”. Whatever frustrations occur can help you define or redefine things in your life, especially in your relations with others. If you want to keep a certain amount of security and stability in your life, you may have to discipline yourself to handle pressures, demands, or responsibilities and situations which you find unpleasant. Your willingness to sacrifice and persevere is much greater now because you feel deep within yourself that you must climb any mountain on your path in order to reach your goals. The responsibilities and demands of family members may seem overwhelming at this time. The status quo (in the form of prior commitments, duties, and the familiar structures in your life which give you a sense of security) is very resistant to the new. Chiron rules the process of complete letting go of old forms so that new and vital birth can occur. No doubt your patience will be severely tested, but if you manage to come to some uneasy balance or partial solution, the tension will ease. Seeking private time to carefully weigh important decisions or finding it necessary to work in solitude on specific tasks and projects may also characterize this time frame. This is also a good time for beautifying your environment, doing creative art work, and cleaning up around the house. This is also a time when you may have to deal with some unfinished business from the past before you can move on. Relationships in the business area work out nicely too, and any dominance-passivity problems are assuaged at this time. You may also experience frustrations or setbacks to your ambitions (creative, business or intellectual) due to resistance from superiors or some kind of instability in your work environment. A problem with a family member may arise that requires special attention, or some familiar and dear possession may be lost or damaged. Big breakthroughs and celebrations are not indicated; the effects are more subtle, but still very important. Your work is cut out for you. Your daily life is steady and stable, although not particularly exciting or unusual at this time. If you have had big plans to travel or expand in other ways, you may find that you need to forego these pleasant diversions and take care of immediately pressing needs. You can, in fact, make an important change in your habits at this time. A Heartbreak Transit occurs whenever Saturn makes a stressful and turbulent transit to Chiron. Misunderstandings and clashes with superiors, authority figures, or administrative personnel is likely during this period. Chiron transits, and so had to leave those sections blank. Long-term projects and important work reach a critical point at this time. However, illegal activities are not the only ones blocked at this time. A Saturn conjunct Moon transit is also notorious for bringing up any mother issues and drawing your attention to your friends and ‘support’ people. Doubts about your ideals and religious beliefs are also likely to arise. Not only will you be happier with yourself if you use the time wisely, but the results of your efforts will help establish a solid foundation for the future. If you are, on the whole, pleased with the decisions you have made, then this is a time period when you are planning activities that will entail greater responsibilities than you have previously undertaken. You are likely to find that you now need to devote more time to helping the other person and giving more to the other person, rather than simply enjoying his/her company and taking him/her for granted. This can be positive and/or negative, and you probably won’t be able to make sense of the experience until later in the cycle. You discover beautiful messages and symbolism in poetry, fairy tales, myths, and religious books. You tend to simplify complex problems and issues into simple terms that have simple answers, and you tend to feel indignant or self-righteously superior when others point out alternatives to your ideas. Another negative possibility is that you will react to the problem by turning the tables and being bossy and domineering with others. This is a time to assess your relationships and try to put them right if possible. You may try to break an old, bad habit at this time – like overeating, smoking, poor health habits, etc. If you cannot maintain a positive momentum, at least have the grace not to blame other people or yourself. Solid, sensible, and realistic thinking benefits your personal, creative, and worldly achievements at this time. When Saturnianlimitations are exploded by Plutonic force, who would you call but theCentaurs? If you are involved in any legal disputes or involvements with government agencies, this is a time when a successful resolution can be reached. You can make great strides in paying off any debts that you may have and in gaining financial and material security. Deep thinking and reflecting on past matters may characterize this time period. Matters you want to change are delayed or considerably slowed down. Saturn Transits Through Your Fourth House: Like all Saturn transits, not always a bad thing. You may not be able to sustain the new habits once this astrological influence is over but with determination it is possible. Your approach is well-organized, clearly structured, very matter-of-fact and not very intuitive. You may find that you have been more materialistic or egocentric in your ambitions than you realized, ignoring the needs of others who can benefit from your help.

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