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From €51* for an Interrail Croatia Pass or an Interrail Lithuania Pass. Interrail One Country Pass. Residents of the following countries may also buy the InterRail One Country Pass: Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Cyprus, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Russia, San Marino, Ukraine and Vatican City Einfach und bequemes reisen und du musst nicht für jede Fahrt ein Zugticket kaufen. This is perfect if you want to spend a longer amount of time discovering a single country and is cheaper than a global pass. Order your Interrail Bulgaria Pass online today. One Country Pass - Flexible travel throughout one country. Interrail - en bæredygtig rejse Det er fantastisk at rejse, men det er ikke helt ligegyldigt, hvordan man kommer fra A til B - i hvert fald ikke, hvis man ønsker at tage vare på miljøet. Vil du gerne fordybe dig i et enkelt europæisk land, er et One Country Pass det helt rigtige for dig. An Interrail One Country Pass lets you uncover more of your chosen country by giving you unrivalled access to its trains and attractions. The InterRail Pass can now be booked as long as up to 11 months in advance. You can do it in 5 simple steps: You can choose a pass for travelling the whole of Europe or one country, so your first step when you book is: choose a Global Pass covering 29 countries or a One Country Pass covering 1 country. To find your perfect Pass, simply fill out the following details: 1. The Interrail One Country Pass lets you travel throughout the country of your choice on 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 days within a period of one month. Eurail ONE Country Pass. Do you prefer to choose a single European country and visit every corner? Interrail offers a wide range of rail passes for travel throughout Europe, so you can journey far and wide on some of the most comprehensive rail networks in the world. You cannot order a One Country Pass for the country where you live. Read more. Conheça as modalidades Interrail Global Pass e One Country Pass . Flexible travel on 3, 4, 5 or 8 travel days within one month. Koop uw Interrail Pass online via NMBS Internationaal! Take the train to Europe! There are two kinds of Interrail Passes available: the Interrail Global Pass that covers many countries and the country-specific Interrail One Country Pass. Residents of countries outside Europe may purchase the Eurail Pass instead. INTERRAIL ONE COUNTRY PASS. Unlimited travel around Europe – this is what Interrail and Eurail offers. The Interrail One Country Pass is available for any of the member countries except for Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. Reisen Sie klimafreundlich kreuz und quer durch Europa und entdecken Sie den facettenreichen Kontinent – Interrail macht’s möglich. Interrail Passes are valid for unlimited train travel in your choice of countries, from as few as 1 country if you opt for an Interrail National Pass, to as many as 33 countries with an Interrail Global Pass ! The Interrail One Country Pass Range – Enjoy your favourite European Country to the fullest. Den Interrail Global Pass und den Interrail One Country Pass (Ein-Land-Pass). Travel by land in Europe! Some railway companies, however, require seat reservations. Global Pass: Der Global Pass beinhaltet 2 Fahrten für das Land, in dem Sie Ihren Wohnsitz haben. InterRail Pass. Interrail Global Pas of Interrail One Country Pas? Interrail Global Pass. Tour Scandinavia with Interrail. One Country Pass prices (PDF, 47.88KB) Global Pass prices (PDF, 29.04KB) Does an Interrail Pass cover children? It gives you access to the services of 40 rail and ferry companies in 33 countries. You cannot use your pass to travel if France is your country of residence. 3. The city where you'll start you Interrail trip. Con el billete Interrail One Country puedes viajar en tren individualmente en países seleccionados. The Interrail Pass is a rail pass available to European residents. Priser for Interrail One Country Pass. Choose between a Global Pass for cross-border travel and a One Country Pass for unlimited travel in a nominated country. The Eurail One Country Pass is your ticket to explore single European countries by train. To travel on an InterRail One Country Pass, you must be a resident of a European country. Hi {user} Log in. Prix Level A: Allemagne, Grande-Bretagne. The Interrail Global Pass. If you want to explore your favourite country in more depth, choose from a range of 29 different One Country Passes from Interrail. Perfecto para explorar un solo país de forma económica y detallada. Language Currency. Imagine um passe para viajar livremente por toda a Europa, sem limite de viagens, a partir de 185 €. All the travellers that are going on this trip. Sous réserve de modification. One Country Pass Details - Select from 28 One Country Passes (24 for the promotion) - Buy up to 11 months in advance - Unlimited train journeys per travel day . Seek out its secret hideouts, get close to famous landmarks and dive into the local culture. This is only valid in one country which you choose when you buy it. Interrail One Country Pass. Across 6 countries with Interrail. Types of Interrail Pass include the Interrail Global Pass, the Interrail One Country Pass, and the Interrail Premium Pass. Prix en CHF vallable dès le 05.01.2021. You can change these details anytime in the next step of our Trip Planner. Interrail Ein-Land Pass – Übersicht, Informationen und Preise Übersicht Der Interrail One Country (Ein-Land) Pass ist ein Bahnpass, um ein einzelnes Land in Europa mit dem Zug zu erkunden. Un Interrail One Country Pass te permite descubrir el país que has elegido más a fondo al darte un acceso sin igual a sus trenes y lugares de interés. I bambini di età inferiore ai 4 anni viaggiano gratuitamente e senza un proprio pass Interrail. Prix en CHF, 1 re cl. Your trip's start date and (expected) end date. A few travel ideas. The pass has a one … Interrail Ticket Übersicht und Unterschiede zwischen Global und Ein-Land Pass Übersicht und Unterschiede Es sind zwei Typen von Interrail-Pässen. FRANCE ONE COUNTRY PASS LIMITATIONS. One Country Pass: Sie können mit dem One Country Pass nicht in dem Land reisen, in dem Sie Ihren Wohnsitz haben. 2. Et One Country Pass er gældende til det ene land, der står på passet, og er en oplagt løsning, hvis du foretrækker at udforske ét land. You can choose the number of days you want to spend on your trip: from 3 to 8 days. 1 Conditions apply. Connect with every corner of its geography, culture and gastronomy with Interrail One Country Pass. You cannot use the One Country Pass to travel to or from the country your Pass is valid in. Viajes en tren flexibles e ilimitados de 3 a 8 días en un mes. Conditions of purchase: You must have be a resident of a participating European country or of the Russian Federation to be eligible to buy a pass. Interrail One Country Pass Regular. Ideal if you want to visit only one country. Eine dieser Fahrten ist für Ihre Reise ins Ausland und die andere für Ihre Reise zurück. Combina billetes o elige un Interrail Global Pass. Choose for the Interrail Pass, a flexible and cost effective way of traveling! ¿Quieres visitar más de un país? Ich helfe dir bei der Auswahl des für dich am besten geeigneten Passes. Children aged 0-4 travel for free and do not need their own Interrail Pass. 6 great-value cities for young people. 33 countries, 1 rail pass Your Global Pass can take you to over 40,000 destinations across 33 European countries. Pass … The train is an ecological mode of transport suitable for different budgets. Going on tour around Europe or a single country, and want to enjoy unlimited travel? A notable gap in Interrail's Swiss coverage was the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn which operates the line to Zermatt and half the Glacier Express route, but from January 2017 Interrail passes also cover the MGB so the gap in coverage between a Swiss Travel Pass and Interrail One-Country Switzerland pass is narrowed, really we're talking the post-buses, boats and a few very small private operators. Whether you would like to see the most you possibly can in one country or the entire continent and whether the travel experience itself or the destination is what is most important, these passes offer a … Don't just scratch the surface of a European country you're visiting. If you’re a non-European resident, you can travel with a Eurail Pass. An Interrail Pass offers unlimited train travel across Europe – 33 countries, and over 40,000 destinations to be precise! You must be a resident in a participating European country or in the Russian Confederation to be eligible to buy a one-country Interrail pass. Read more. Prix Interrail One Country Pass. Mit dem Interrail One Country Pass können Sie innerhalb eines Monats 3, 4, 5, 6 oder 8 Tage durch das von Ihnen gewählte Land reisen. interrail one country pass exceptions Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro are not available as One Country Passes, but are included in the Global Pass options. With the Interrail Bulgaria Pass, experiencing Bulgaria by train is simple and affordable. Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg do not have their own individual passes and the three are grouped into one common pass called "Benelux Pass". One-country passes are available in all interrail countries except Bosnia and Herzegovina or … Med det i hånden kan du udforske hvert et hjørne af det pågældende land og stadig opnå store rabatter på din togrejse. Tienes 30 Interrail One Country Pass … Map your whole route … from £43 Buy Now. Explore the country of your choice. Kies uw formule om Europa met de trein te doorkruisen. You can board most trains by simply showing your Interrail Pass. The Interrail Pass is a paper ticket that allows you to travel on most European trains. Interrail One Country Pass. Tabella dei prezzi del One Country Pass (PDF, 47.88KB) Tabella dei prezzi del Global Pass (PDF, 29.04KB) Come viaggiano i bambini con l’Interrail? Only European residents can travel with an Interrail Pass. One-Country Pass. All Interrail Passes - Global, One Country …

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