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Zusätzlich finden sie hier das Liebeshoroskop, Planetenstunden, alle Transite des Tages und vieles mehr. You now have the ability to make plans or carry out realistic projects, without leaving loose ends and with the possibility of learning from past mistakes. Sun Square Pluto Natal and Transit… Saturn opposite Mercury in transit usually means that thought and communication can move towards more practical concerns. The text below is the interpretation of Mercury transit when Opposition Saturn While you may present a limited viewpoint, you can encounter others who interfere with your ideas and may object to plans that you offer. Mercury takes about 88 days to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. Die Mitmenschen scheinen etwas gegen die eigene Meinung und Vorstellung zu haben. Saturn Quadrat/ Opposition Merkur: (/) (manchmal auch die Konjunktion) Pessimismus, Misstrauen, Skepsis, die Wahrnehmung/ Logik verlangsamt sich oder wird verhindert. It makes me more confidant to approach upcoming interviews. Communications sometimes cause difficulties: you may find others too quick to give advice, and you are reluctant to give ground on an issue where your position is set. Communication can cause concern, especially if you or someone else dwells on what is wrong rather than equal acknowledgement of what is working. What can lie at the root of any problem that surfaces during this interval is fearful thinking. By. Transit Saturn Opposition Mercury Meaning, Transit Chart Aspect, Free Astrology Interpretations. • Sober, clear but pessimistic approach to life. Mercury transits to planets in the natal chart are brief influences, lasting approximately a day. More important it has shown me how I can grow in life. A stress aspect (conjunction, square, or opposition) from transiting Saturn to one’s natal Neptune can have two basic effects. merkur opposition saturn Sie sollten darauf achten, nicht zu skeptisch zu reagieren und den Entwicklungen gegenüber eine zu starke Defensivhaltung einzunehmen. Saturn Conjunct Natal Mercury in transit meaning - 2020 has been a very difficult year and 2021 will have its challenges for different reasons. Those in authority in particular may prove an impediment to the expression of your thoughts, and you may experience criticism that prevents you, for the time being, from freely moving toward your goal. Mercury Opposition Saturn Meaning, Natal Birth Chart Aspect, Free Astrology Interpretations. Saturn hat dementsprechend auch sehr viel mit unserer Vorstellungskraft zu tun. Saturn opposite Uranus Transit . • Difficulties in communication with authority figures and people with power. Yet, a key to getting the most out of this cycle is to recognize meaningful choices and approaches, which can bring you satisfaction for making the right selection and taking the appropriate step. We tend to feel insecure and inhibited and astrologers insistence on it being “character building” is not always comforting when all we feel is completely crushed under its heavy weight. mercury transit saturn, mercury transit natal saturn, mercury opposition saturn synastry, mercury opposition saturn transit, mercury opposition saturn composite, mercury opposition saturn natal chart, mercury opposition saturn relationship, mercury opposition saturn leo, mercury opposition saturn scorpio, mercury opposition saturn cancer, mercury opposition saturn virgo, mercury opposition saturn in 12 house, composite mercury opposition saturn. Saturn is about solidity, structure, seriousness, duty, weight. So gelten beispielsweise Mars-Saturn und Sonne Saturn Transite als schwierig, Mond-Venus Transite hingegen als leicht und positiv. Communication will be a serious problem for you, and you will feel resistance from others in all areas of your life. You may have trouble finding an equitable compromise at this time. The text below is the interpretation of Saturn transit when Opposition Mercury. Saturn Opposition Uranus. The transit of Venus conjunct your natal Saturn gives you sobriety and seriousness that prevent you from openly expressing your love. Dies ist ein schwieriger Transit, der einige Probleme mit sich bringen könnte. • Confrontation of opinions and ideas with personal or business partners. Contact with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are felt over longer periods. You May Also Like. The sense of freedom escalates, it is easier for a person to part with anything past its time, which has lost its meaning. Free Online Astrology, Transit Chart Aspects, Meanings and Interpretations. His prime functions in astrology are to teach you, to help you to consolidate your life, to enable you to take on responsibility and to help you master your fears. Merkur Quadrat oder Opposition Saturn. Besonders kluge Menschen haben oftmals Merkur-Saturn-Aspekte, auch die kritischen Merkur-Saturn-Winkel wie Konjunktion, Quadrat oder Opposition, die allerdings zeitweise sehr düster und negativ im Denken machen können. Sie glauben, Ihrem Blick könne nichts entgehen, dabei sehen Sie des öfteren den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht. Although concentrating on specifics, rather than on generalities, may delay you, it will keep you on track. Saturn Opposition Mercury - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. Menschen mit solchen Aspekten haben grundsätzlich eine pessimistische Lebenseinstellung. SATURN im TRANSIT zum Merkur. It gives great intellectual precision. AstroSeek, Free … Transit Uranus in opposition with Saturn. Free Online Astrology, Natal Birth Chart Aspects, Meanings and Interpretations. I have recommended your site to many people as a valuable resource. Your ability to make your own choices may be restricted by heavy responsibilities, rules, laws, or … Zusätzlich finden sie hier das Liebeshoroskop, Planetenstunden, alle Transite des Tages und vieles mehr. When that natal planet is Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, or Mars, we feel the effects in a personal way depending on the planet involved. Recognizing the relative merit of all viewpoints can lessen any strain that arises though it is not necessary for you to agree only to appreciate. Leah Whitehorse. For Entertainment purposes only. December 29, 2011. Der transitierende Saturn in Opposition mit Ihrem Merkur. Although this likely is a period of contraction where certain aspects of your life slowdown and even come to a stop, it can bring great clarity to important matters of your life because you can see them come into focus. Transit Venus Conjunct Saturn. Transiting Venus square or opposite your natal Mars. Taking responsibility for your judgments and those of others can further your capacity to accept things for how they are despite the fact you may desire otherwise. Es wäre traurig, wenn Sie Chancen verpassen, nur weil Sie die schönen Seiten des Lebens nicht erkennen können. For Entertainment purposes only. Positive manifestations: There are opportunities to renew lifestyles with the help of some new opportunities, creative ideas that emerge spontaneously and enrich development prospects. Often the focus is on romance and sexual activity. Saturn Opposite Pluto Transit. Rebellion, Ablehnung; auf jeden Fall plötzliche Ereignisse. Sie sind wahrscheinlich unzufrieden oder sogar deprimiert, … TransitSATURN Opposition MERKUR ... TransitSATURN Opposition URANUS Wenn Saturn im Transit einen Spannungsaspekt zum GeburtsUranus bildet, werden die auf Entfaltung der eigenen Individualität gerichteten Energien von Uranus durch gesellschaftsorientierte Vorgaben Saturns begrenzt. Merkur Opposition Saturn: Ernste Fragen, Das Persönliche Tageshoroskop von Astrodienst - gratis und individuel für ihr genaues Geburtsdatum erstellt, mit Texten des renommierten Astrologen Robert Hand. Saturn opposition Mercury. Saturn opposite Pluto transit is a serious and demanding time of life. Therefore, success can come from moving past apprehensions that prevent you from making decisions perhaps because you don?t want to make a wrong choice. However, finding fault can alienate people and leave you isolated in your opinions. When transit Mercury is conjunct your natal Saturn, you become very aware and cautious. Dazu könnten Vorkommnisse in Ihrem Freundeskreis gehören oder auch Ihre ganz persönliche Situation. Patience is one lesson of this cycle since you likely will find it tested by people and circumstance. Transit Mercury Conjunct Saturn. - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. It is informative, empowering and has confirmed truths about myself that I knew. In 2022: Saturn transits/spans the following degrees of Aquarius in 2022: 11º Aquarius 56′ to 25º Aquarius 15′ In 2022, Saturn is retrograde from June 4th (at 25° Aquarius 15′) to October 23rd (at 18° Aquarius 35′). Die größeren Zusammenhänge lassen sich jetzt nur schwer erkennen, weil Ihnen die Distanz fehlt und Sie zu intensiv … Mercury conjunct Sun You are especially sharp, communicative, and open at this time. However, they likely will return in a similar form approximately 7 and 14 years from now. It is true that greater responsibilities may come to you from a contract that you make or appear obligated to make, and you must take care in how you give your word and whose word you trust. Things that have worked reliably until now are not reliable anymore. You tend to worry-particularly over details-and doubts are stronger. You may have some painful learning experience, or have to reflect on all your relationships. Zusätzlich spielt der Winkel eine große Rolle. Some more Interpretations of Transit Mercury Opposition Saturn from our astrology reports and readings: I felt Kind of silly to invest $$ in reassuring oneself of what one already knows, It is dead on and has given me insights on some issues that have been difficult for me. So ist ihre Bedeutung zunächst einmal von den jeweiligen beiden Planeten bestimmt, wie gut harmonieren sie oder wie gegensätzlich ist ihre Bedeutung? Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius – 5th house – Commit to get out more and have some fun. Der transitierende Saturn in Opposition mit Ihrem Saturn. -. © Copyright 1998-2021 Veraxs Int'l Inc. All rights reserved. • You'll be informed that other people's intentions and actions are not in your favour. AstroSeek, Free Horoscopes and charts 2021 Financial pressure from taxes or loan repayments may force you to economize or downsize. • Social contacts and communications will change your way of thinking. Rules and procedures seem completely ineffective to deal with them. Some more Interpretations of Transit Saturn Opposition Mercury from our astrology reports and readings: I am learning how important one's astrological chart can be. You may ask for advice from some older person. If the transits of the strong Uranus are occurring, natives of all signs in the zodiac are experiencing all kind of strong desires to no longer live by routine, as well to express themselves as freely as possible. Im Moment kommt man sich in der eigenen individuellen Entfaltungsmöglichkeit so … Thank you. In 2023: Saturn transits/spans the following degrees of Aquarius in 2023: 22º Aquarius 26′ to 30º Aquarius 00′ Bei einer Saturn Opposition zu Uranus im Transit wird man vor die Herausforderung gestellt, bestehende Strukturen soweit zu verändern, dass sie wieder eine Brise Kreativität erhalten. Transits – Saturn Opposite Mercury. Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius – 4th house – Expanding and solidifying your family and your security. Konstruktive Gelegenheiten im Falle das der Transit positiv erlebt wird. The tendency to anticipate the worst is sometimes apparent now and can become an obstacle to having fun and being flexible. Whether you want to look is another matter, and you sometimes don?t have to deal with the issues that may arise now. Merkur Opposition Saturn: , Das Persönliche Tageshoroskop von Astrodienst - gratis und individuel für ihr genaues Geburtsdatum erstellt, mit Texten des renommierten Astrologen Robert Hand. Dieser Transit steht für Intoleranz gegenüber Andersdenkenden, übertriebene Detailgenauigkeit und geistige Unbeweglichkeit. I’m talking about sunshine and outdoor sports! Sie nehmen von allen Dingen erst einmal das Schlechteste an, sind überaus misstrauisch und von ständigen Zweifeln geplagt. The transits of Mercury to planets and points in the natal chart are relatively brief influences, lasting approximately a day.

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